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I sometimes find myself so immersed in video game culture that I forget… not all my friends play.  A few months back, I responded to a text from my friend Grasie Mercedes, a writer on HelloGiggles.  The gist of our mid-conversation went like this:

Me: “Inorite??”

Grasie: “What?”

Me: “/facepalm”

Grasie: “I’m so confused.”

Me: “Ahhh… it’s a video game thing.”

In Game Slang, there are many different phrases and commands used everyday to communicate with each other.  You can also substitute other letters or characters… to represent other letters or characters in words.  Sound crazy?  Well there was a reason for it.

Deriving from the word “elite”, the shortened version is simply “leet”… or 1337.

1 = l

3 = e

3 = e

7 = t

According to KnowYourMeme.com, LEET1337 first started on Bulletin Board Systems in which if you had elite status you could access the file folders, games, and V.I.P chatrooms.

This was also a way you could write otherwise “bad” words to a fellow employee and not get flagged by your office.

Many of these words or phrases listed below are not “LEET1337″.  Some are just lingo.  So here is a list of some of the ones I personally use or hear while playing video games.  This way you aren’t totally in the dark should you find yourself speechless.

I’ve left out TONS!

Please feel free to add your own (clean, we’re a PG site) to the comments to help newer players!

Level Up’s Beginner Game Slang:

/AnyWordHere:  Many games have slash commands that you can type on your screen to make your character *do* something, like /dance will make your character dance.

AH:  Auction House.  Some games have an Ebay type system for treasures that you can earn gold in game by selling your items.

AFK:  Away From Keyboard.  Can be computer or console.

Alt:  Alternate character.  Not your main character but another one you play.

AoE:  Area of Effect.  This is a large attack or spell that encompasses a large area.

AP:  Attack Power.  This is how much damage you can do.

Beta:  This is a game that is in a testing phase to the public and usually to a limited number of people.

Bio:  Gotta pee.  Gotta eat.

BoE:  Bind on Equip.  This means the treasure you picked up will become yours ones you put it on your character.  Or you can sell it / give it away.

BoP:  Bind on Pickup.  This means the treasure you picked up will become yours the moment you receive it and will not be able to sell it or give it away.

Boss:  Big bad guy.  Must kill him or her to move forward in the game.

Bot:  Usually a robotically controlled and hacked account used for farming gold.

BBL:  Be Back Later.  You gotta go.

BRB:  Be Right Back.  You will be back soon.

Combo:  As a player you have to build up points in order to perform a “combo”.  A combo is a combination of buttons you press or what you’ve generated regarding your abilities.

DC:  Disconnected from the internet or the server.  Usually during an important moment.

Ding!:  You’ve achieved a new level for your character.  Like a bell ringing.

Dood:  Dude.

DoT:  Damage over time.  This is a spell or effect you place or receive that does not do all of its damage immediately.

DPS:  Damage Per Second.  This is how much your character is able to attack in one second.  Its kind of a form of measurement.

Easter Egg:  Something awesome that you find that is something fun but not usually relevant to gameplay.

Farm:  You are gathering supplies.

Flagged:  Either you chose or the environment chose that your character is no longer “safe” and can be killed by an enemy.

FFA:  Free For All.  Anyone can have an item if you’re in a group.  Up for grabs.

FTW!:  For the win!  This means whatever you’re talking about is really, really awesome.

GRATZ:  Congrats!  Someone is saying good job to you.

GTG:  Good to go.  I’m ready!

H4X0RZ:  Hackers.  I rarely see this one, but I think it’s funny.

HP:  Hit Points.  This is how many times you can take damage before you’re dead.

HPS:  Heals Per Second.  This is how much your character can heal per second.  Kind of a form of measurement.

IDC:  I don’t care.

IDK:  I don’t know.

IIRC:  If I recall correctly.  Someone is trying to expound information upon you.  Sometimes isn’t exactly sure, so says IIRC to not be “wrong”.

Inorite:  I know, right?  Self explanatory.

IRL:  In real life.  This means you’re talking about your life outside of video games.

Kewl:  Cool.

kik:  “LOL” but your hands are on the wrong keys.

Lewt:  Loot.  Treasure.  New clothes or armor or weapons for your character.  Good stuff!

LoS:  Line of Sight.  Usually this is used in groups of players when you are trying to pull a bad guy to another area of the room as to not aggro another bad guy.

Lol,u mad?:  It’s a way to make fun of someone who is really upset in the game.  Apparently this originated from a rapper talking smack to Bill O’Reilly.  Also in the form of “You mad bro?”

Main:  Your most played, highest level, or first created character.

MOB:  Monster or Beast.  Bad guy.  You should kill it before it kills you.

MMO:  Massively Multiplayer Online video game. Tons of people all across the world are playing in the same environment you are and you can interact with them.

Ninja’d:  Someone who steals treasures in the game from other people.  A thief.  Looked down upon and not cool.

Noob:  A new person to video games or a derogatory term used to make fun of someone’s lack of skill.  Leetspeek uses the variations of n00b and nub.

NPC:  Non-Player Character.  This is a character that is controlled by the game and not a real person.

Orly?:  Oh really?  Usually used sarcastically or for fun.  Often followed by a macro that looks like an owl.

Pat:  Something (good or bad) that “Patrols” a certain area.

Pew Pew:  Is the sound of a laser gun, or means that you’re doing a lot of damage to a bad guy.

Pwned:  Owned.  Pronounced like ‘powned’.  Sometimes written ‘pwn3d’.  You’ll see the word “pwnage”.  All of it means someone is super stoked they just majorly won and is somewhat bragging.

PUG:  Pick Up Group.  Not a group of people that you know but people willing to do the same achievement you are wanting to accomplish.

PvE:  Player Versus Environment.  Your character is fighting only against the computer game, regardless if there are other people there.

PvP:  Player Versus Player.  Your character is fighting not only against the computer game, but all the other people there that aren’t on your “team”.

Rez:  Resurrection.  You died and you need to be brought back to life by another teammate.

ROFL:  Rolling on the floor laughing.  Clearly you’re not really doing this, but you’re expressing that you think something is hilarious.

ROFLMAO:  The next level from the above.  You are not only rolling on the floor laughing but you’re also laughing your ass off.  This usually means that you actually are laughing out loud in real life while typing to someone in the game environment.

RP:  Role Playing.  You pretend that your character is actually in the game environment and you don’t talk like *you*… you talk like your role.  Often theatrical.

RTS:  Real Time Strategy.  This is a game where you have to handle everything in the moment and think very strategically about how you will defend or attack.

Sux:  Sucks.  Apparently people just can’t write two more letters.

WB:  Welcome Back.  Greeting someone back to the game.

Woot!:  This means someone is happy or happy for you.  Think: YAY!

XP:  Experience Points.  Used in games where you need to gain them to reach a new level for your character.

Zerg:  This is a term used to mean that the over population of your team will over run the more powerful opponent you may be facing.  It originates from a race in Starcraft.


Featured image via: Know Your Meme

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001319090583 Victor Saltykov

    me3 – mass effect 3

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1629880826 Shane Mabrey

    I think my heart just got pwned. /whistle /flirt

  • http://www.facebook.com/arindar Sean Connelly

    Mats: Materials needed to craft something. I had a friend who was heading out from the bar one night and mentioned he needed to stop at the store and get some mats for breakfast meaning eggs and bacon

    • http://www.facebook.com/michelemorrow Michele Morrow

      Mats… yes of course! A day doesn’t go by in video games where that term isn’t used for me.

    • Anonymous

      Anna Posted on Wish I could have gone with you guys. I always want to look back at Hunter and then I aomslt fall over. Typical me LOVE these pictures of the ride.

  • http://www.facebook.com/kcostantini Katherine Costantini

    “Zerts are what I call desserts, tre-tres are entrees… I call cakes big ol’ cookies, I call noodles long-ass rice. Fried chicken is fry-fry chicky-chick, chicken parm is chicky-chicky parm-parm.”-the wise Tom Haverford

  • http://www.facebook.com/bruce.monach Bruce Monach

    You used “Aggro” to define a word, without defining it 😉 Upon your request, I will add some more that I use in everyday conversation.

    Add(s) – Additional enemies that were added after the fight began.

    Aggro – How much someone wants to attack you, or getting an enemy to attack you.

    Kite/Kiting – Getting an enemy to follow you either to avoid aggro from another enemy (See LoS), to delay an attack while you deal with someone else, or to lead them into a trap.

    GL – Good Luck.

    Tank – Someone who makes a lot of aggro to get enemies attention, since they are tougher than their allies.

    • http://www.facebook.com/michelemorrow Michele Morrow

      I KNEW someone would spot that 😀 /love great list Bruce

  • http://www.facebook.com/prettynerd70 Kendra Lancaster

    Welcome to World of Warcraft. :) Idk if it’s sad or not that I knew every single one.

  • http://www.facebook.com/candida.potter Candida Norwood

    QQ = crying/complaining (eyes with tears)

    • http://www.facebook.com/michelemorrow Michele Morrow

      I can’t BELIEVE I forgot this one… great addition!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=532327483 Sebastian Daniel Stefan Magnusson

    You forgot glhf!

  • http://www.facebook.com/darthlyian Doug Weber

    OMG = Oh my gawd

    You have DoT and HPS but you dont have

    HoT = Heal over Time?

    • http://www.facebook.com/michelemorrow Michele Morrow

      Zomg… I said I didn’t include them all! 😉

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=550013691 Chris Scott

    OMW – On my way. Kinda redundant now with “have group will travel”.
    Addons – All the extra stuff courtesy of Curse.
    Kick – what you do to the pug who’se dps is a lot less than it should be!

  • http://www.facebook.com/garrisonbrood Paola N Zack Garrison

    I need to forward this to a couple of my non-gamer friends.

    • http://www.facebook.com/michelemorrow Michele Morrow


  • http://www.facebook.com/marfowler Marcus Fowler

    me3 on monday nite cannt wait

  • http://www.facebook.com/brian.p.otoole Brian Patrick O’Toole

    I printed this out and placed it in a plastic sheet protector for ready reference. This is definitely a classic “Morrow” piece: entertaining AND informative! I look forward to the next article!

  • http://www.facebook.com/sayling69 Simon Ayling

    this is likely to just be me and my old UK guild mates, but is still one of my faves:

    jackie: used as an explanation after having posted something in the chat channel (either confusing or inappropriate), stems from ‘oops, wrong chan(nel)’, ie I didn’t mean Jackie Chan… Much better than w(rong) c(hannel), as people think you need a bio…

  • http://www.facebook.com/katdalziel Kathryn Dalziel

    Adding “IKR” as another form of “Inorite”. I love that one, it amuses me that we’ve abbreviated an non-word that was already a mash-up of three perfectly good words.

    Also, “Twink” – a toon (did you cover toon? argh!) that’s massively overgeared for it’s level, usually capped (God, another) at that level.

    “OP” Overpowered.

    “Toon” – another word for the characters you play.

    “Capped” Maxed out at the top level of something; i.e. experience or reputation.

    • http://www.facebook.com/michelemorrow Michele Morrow

      Isn’t it crazy when you start talking about games, just how much slang you use and don’t realize it??

  • AAAGaming

    you forgot f2p(free to play) and p2p(pay 2 play) in tf2(team fortress 2) tf2 is free but people who did not pay for it or items get Blasted in chat And you forgot get rekt(slang term for wrecked) people say it when they kill someone

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