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Funeral Party – ‘NYC Moves to the Sound of LA'

I decided to make today’s Now Hear This post geographically themed since I am currently packing up my life and moving back to Los Angeles next week.  This might be my last chance to write for a while or at least until I get settled into my new West Hollywood pad and get my internet installed.  I thought it only appropriate for my final HG submission as an East Coaster to feature this righteous East vs. West track from Funeral Party – not only because it shouts out both coast’s power cities, both cities I have lived in, but because it is a signature piece of post-punk indie rock greatness.

Funeral Party hail from my soon-to-be new (but also ex) hometown by way of Whittier, an East LA suburb that was also the growing-up spot of my favorite underground hip-hop artist, Pigeon John.  Clearly, a SoCal town that has something creative and indie-awesome in the water.  Lyricist and frontman Chad Elliott and his bandmates, guitarist James Lawrence Torres and bassist Kimo Kauhola, rep their home turf hard and have emerged as kings of that nouveau micro-niche music scene by steadfastly rocking consistently fierce and fan-building live shows.  Elliott, a self-professed devotee of Iggy Pop, captivates audiences with his own brand of stage theatrics and wild energy and with songs like ‘NYC Moves to the Sound of LA’ and ‘Finale’ off their full length debut The Golden Age of Knowhere their popularity has left the suburbs and gone global.

I totally love this song.  I don’t know if I’m just a sucker for dominating introductory bass lines or chorus breakdowns with hand claps or if it is just that yelling out cities you have lived in and/or are currently living in during an insanely catchy dance-punk track is irresistibly fun.  Most likely, it is all three.  (I mean who doesn’t love all the city shout outs Huey Lewis barks at the end of ‘Heart of Rock n’Roll’?)  Regardless, Funeral Party are definitely a force to be reckoned with in the new wave of post-punk indie-dance rock acts and a band I think you should all check out.

Their video for this breakout single takes the black-and-white-live-show approach and I think it does a superb job of highlighting how mighty this band can be in front of a concert crowd.  Shot at the infamous Viper Room in LA and what I assume is a Whittier house party – this vid makes you want to jump right in with the Funeral Party party and I hope when I get back to Los Angeles, I will be able to catch one of these sweaty shows right away.

So, enjoy my first Now Hear This of 2012 and maybe the last for the next couple of weeks…but never fear, I will be back very soon and as a West Coaster to boot…ready to share tons of fun new jams for the new year with all my HG friends.

In the immortal words of LL Cool J, “I’m Going back to Cali…Cali…Cali…”

What are some of your favorite tunes that feature fun city shout outs?

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