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Frozen Yogurt

There’s no denying that frozen yogurt is where it’s at – low fat and low calorie while still remaining creamy and full of flavour, it’s one of the best treats you can have this summer (or really any season).

Froyo – yes, we’re on a nickname basis – originated in New England and was first introduced to the American consumer market in the 1970s. We don’t know much more about it, but I’m willing to let that slide as the most important fact about it is self-evident: it’s delicious.

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Not surprisingly, frozen yogurt has become massively popular, launching entire franchises dedicated to its goodness. Ever been to Pinkberry? What about a Yogurtland or Menchie’s? Even Tasty D-Lite is a variation on the theme, and oh man, it’s good. You can also buy frozen yogurt at the grocery store, with all the big brands (Ben and Jerry’s, Haagen Dazs, etc) making their own versions in several varieties.

You can put a variety of toppings on it, too – from fresh fruit and nuts to more unhealthy options which will completely cancel out the fact that you opted out of regular ice cream, frozen yogurt goes well with just about anything.

I’m going to have to stop talking about it now because I’m getting a bit hungry.

In the meantime, 101 Cookbooks can teach you how to make your own!

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  • Leah Lopez

    Yogurtland is my heaven.

    • Clarissa Nicole

      Yogurtland is my Cheers

  • Karen Belz

    Jenn, I wish you posted this while I wasn’t at work. Now I’ve got Froyo on my mind. (And not work.) (I wish work was Froyo-related.)

  • Bridget Carroll

    I have a serious Menchie’s addiction.

  • Stephanie Herndon

    Pinkberry is my Starbucks. I go every chance I get. Too bad I’m currently 20 miles away because this post made me want some!!

  • Robert Zeigler

    If you are ever in South Carolina check out blueberryfrog! My Favorite Frozen Yogurt Place!☺ You can check them out on facebook.

  • Laura E

    I love frozen yogurt, I would have it every day if I could 😀

  • Sarah Newman

    The UK needs to get on the froyo bandwagon.

  • Cristina Moreno

    Frozen yogurt is my completely guilt-free pleasure! I was at the mall today and did a happy dance when I realized that there was a new frozen yogurt place. I actually did a shuffle straight up to the cashiers and started asking them questions: How long have you guys been here? How’s business? Do you see yourself closing down anytime soon?

    They stared for a bit and then proceeded to answer my questions. Then I launched into a story about how we used to have a frozen yogurt place that I loved (Red Mango), but that one day, when I was craving some yummy deliciousness, I walked to Red Mango and it was gone. It was like my boyfriend, my fabulously tart boyfriend, had up and left without even a note. They assured me they wouldn’t be going anywhere anytime soon. Whew!

    In conclusion: Frozen yogurt is amazing. Yogen Fruz is my new boyfriend. He’s creamier than Red Mango, but just as tart.

  • Catherine Bruno

    LOVE frozen yogurt. One of my favorite treats.

  • Elizabeth McDonald

    England ain’t really about the froyo is it? Sad really, Methinks Ben and Jerry’s brought out a range of them, but we just kinda suspiciously ignored them 😛

  • Kimberly Humphries

    Of course frozen yogurt is amazing, but I think this weeks TGIF treat should’ve been cheesecake because July 30th is NATIONAL CHEESECAKE DAY 😀

  • Ella Marie

    im actull not a big fan, i cant stand yogurt at all, but i found this place called Fusions, and the yogurt tastes just like ice cream, and you get to put any toppings on it (you do it all yourself) and in the end you weigh it yourself, (45 cents a ounce) its a awesome deal!

    • Lyndsay Jenness Becker

      You are a fan then, no?

  • Carolyn Alyssa Williams

    Haven’t you heard? Paletas (popsicles) are the new fro-yo.

  • Lisa Manikowski

    We got a Mochi in my town, and they are ALWAYS busy. They’re open til midnight, and across from the main movie theater, which is brilliant placement. They have these things, I forget what they’re called but they’re these little juice pellets XD

  • Lyndsay Jenness Becker

    I live in Pennsylvania and there is no frozen yogurt here. It’s tragic.

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