It’s extremely hot where I live right now. We have been experiencing temperatures in the high 90s for the past two days. I can’t imagine eating anything unless it’s frozen. So for the past two days my diet has consisted of frozen fruit, popsicles and ice cream. It’s not healthy but it’s the only way I can make it through this heat!

So, to help others who are currently suffering through this hot weather, I’ve decided to compile some of my favorite frozen treats. For me, there’s nothing better than an ice, cold coffee on a hot day. It’s refreshing and it wakes me up. What’s your go-to frozen treat for the heat?

  • Clare Bamford

    Slurpee. Soooooo good on a hot day.

  • Courtney Hosny

    Yumm….I’m all about the frozen Kiefer right now! I can trick myself into having a treat, while actually eating something pretty healthy. Of course, now it’s getting embarassing as they recognize me at the store that sells it (did I mention I live in Chicago, where thousands of people meander in an out of that store)….yet they still recognize me…woops!

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