What If "Frozen" Was A Horror Movie…

Yikes, do you wanna build a NIGHTMARE? Darken the color, change the music, zoom in on expressions and Frozen becomes a really scary film!

  • Cassi Gallagher

    This is great – I love re-cut trailers. Interestingly enough, I just found out the other day that Elsa’s character was originally slated to turn into much more of the conventional Disney Villain, so this is an interesting look at what that could have been like. 😀

  • Donna Owens Lindseth

    That was really fun! I’d like to go the opposite way. Take a horror film and turn it into a Disney musical. Any ideas?

  • Nigel Turner

    Nicely done. Very professional editing etc.. Now I want to see THAT film.
    Take Jaws and make it look like free willy… and then take Free Wily and make it look like jaws… if possible.

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