This Is Exactly How ‘Frozen' Should Have Ended

Conceal, don’t feel? Is that what Frozen taught us? So many people loved the latest Disney smash hit, but is it possible we were missing the alternate conclusion staring us right in the face? Maybe there was another way to deal with Elsa. Perhaps even a place where she could be accepted and learn to grow with other eXceptional kids learning to deal with powers.

The Youtube channel How it Should Have Ended creates funny animated alternate endings to major motion pictures and may have found a better ending for the movie that has taken over. Take a look:

  • Shanna Clark

    This was phenomenal! I cannot love this more! Thank you for making this!

  • Gregory James

    Those terrible parents totally should have left their kids with someone who was GOOD with children while they were out travelling. Oh well, everyone be warned… your children will make the mistakes you raise them to make.

  • Anne Schneider

    Some of us think Frozen shouldn’t have ended at all! It was so cute :)

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