From Pink to Princesses: Five Kiddie Themes Proudly Featured in My Pad

Moving was one of the most difficult processes I’ve ever experienced (second to finding a job, which seems to be rarer than unicorns these days). First came the months of scouring the web for the perfect little apartment to call my own. Then, I had to sort through and frantically pack 22 years worth of possessions, only to haul them over to my new place and unload every last piece. I won’t even get started on the scrubbing/painting “parties” that took place before moving in even became a possibility.

After months of preparation and sleepless nights, I feel as though I’ve aged a ton. Heck, sometimes I’m even convinced that the hairs on my head are turning grey! And through rent/bills paying, job obligations, and countless freelance events, my dance party nights are far behind me (I have an 11pm bedtime on weeknights to prove it).

But ladies, even though I’m a responsible, hard working, head-on-my-shoulders type of gal, my apartment can be anything but. I use my space as a way to let loose. After a long day at the office, I love to sit back and relax on my lime green cushioned chair, with cupcake pillows as arm rests and a princess themed rug under my sore feet.

And why should I stick to crème colored curtains and Plain Jane carpeting? This is my space, after all! So, grab a slice of cake and prepare your pretty eyes for a peek at five prominent (not so grown up) themes in my pad – complete with photographic evidence. Enjoy (especially the cake)!

1.       Cupcake Craze

When I somehow find the time to cook (which isn’t often), I make the experience super special by donning my fave pink cupcake apron (yes, Charlotte did wear it in Sex and the City 2). Oh, and I eat every last morsel off of multicolored cupcake plates atop matching placemats. But that’s not all: after noshing on whatever isn’t burnt, I proceed to wash my hands with cupcake soap and fall into a food coma on cupcake pillows, but not before stowing my baubles in a cupcake-shaped jewelry box. You call it an obsession, I call it irresistibly delicious.

2.       Scores of Sirens

From Disney’s Ariel to beautiful blonde merfolk, I’m simply enchanted by these sirens. And who could deny that they make a perf bathroom theme? I had to wrestle deal-happy mamas for my mermaid bath towels. Now that’s what I call dedication.

3.       Pretty Princesses

No, I’ll never walk down the aisle in Kate Middleton’s wedding dress, but I can own (more than) a few royal pieces. Each morning, I groggily roll out of bed and trudge through the bedroom sleepy and barefoot. But as soon as my feet hit my living room’s princess rug, I’m instantly motivated to slather on the mascara and pull out my best gear, no servants required. Take that, Kate!

4.       Scouted: Sailor Moon

Many of my early teenage days were spent in an attempt to grow out my locks past my knees –Sailor  Moon style –while warding off evil (in my attic). Fast forward nearly a decade and I’m left with a 5 ft long bin of merchandise. Sure, I could sell it and make a couple of hundred bucks, but I can’t bear to squander precious childhood memories for quick cash on eBay. So, as soon as I got settled in, out came the crescent moon wands, wall scrolls, and dolls. In the name of the moon, I think my space is well-protected.

5.       Think Pink

While I’ve outgrown my pink princess dress phase (mostly because they no longer come in my size), I have yet to shake off my love for all things pink. My subconscious is to blame for this theme–most times, I don’t even realize that I’m adding hoards of new girlie goods to my already pretty in pink apartment. Today, I took a good look around and noticed that not only are my bedroom walls a bright bubblegum, but my laundry basket, towels, makeup bags, body lotions, Snuggie (yup, I really do own one of these…don’t judge!), and
about half of the things I own are some shade of this color. And I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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