Adventures in Thrifting

From Our Readers: Weird Thrift Store Finds…and MONSTERS!

See that image above? Yep, that’s a monster. Painted into a landscape painting. Knowing my interest in weird thrift store finds, a friend sent me this article from Twisted Sifter, which talks about the work of two artists who find landscape paintings in thrift stores and modify them, with monsters:

Have you ever been to a thrift store (think Goodwill or Salvation Army) and noticed that they usually carry a small selection of landscape paintings? Artists Chris McMahon and Thryza Segal decided to inject a little fun into these discarded works and give them a second life by adding monsters to the scenic landscapes.

Obviously, this is the greatest thing to ever happen ever. I posted the article on my Facebook page, and never have I received as much positive feedback. For days after, people would see me in person and enthuse, “I loved the thrift store monsters! Do you have one? Can you make them? Do you know where to get them?” Sadly, I don’t myself have any, but you can look at Chris McMahon’s and Thryza Segal’s awesome work online.

And if I tried to modify a landscape painting with a monster, it would like something like this:

No, that’s not a thrift store painting. That’s John Constable’s famous landscape “The Hay Wain.” You can see it in the National Gallery in London. Please do not put a monster on it for real. 

Last week(ish), I took a brief break from posting weird thrift store finds, and so I’ve got a few from alert readers! Huzzah! It’s always fun to get these.

Alert reader Melanie sent me this (I censored it slightly and also added explanatory notes):

Yes, that’s a box of fetish equipment (censored), put in the same bin as some Jesus pencil eraser toppers (for when you need Jesus…on top of your pencils?).

As Melanie says, “Who drops that off at Goodwill?  Who buys that used?  Who, working at Goodwill decided that it should be merchandised with the Jesus pencil topper erasers? So many questions…”

They don’t have monsters in them, but alert Australian Giggler Tamarah sends us this:

She says, “I’m an op-shop (Australian for thrift store) junkie, and a friend who knows this thought it would be funny to buy me these pictures from my local Savers. They’ve been dubbed Lady with Child, and Child in Bonnet. They’ve terrified me for years, generally when I spot them watching me in the dark of the night, and I’m too scared of them to throw them out! So now they live in the laundry.”

Speaking of scary paintings and things, my friend Bad Cholla found this and send me a picture:

She’s currently suffering from Thrift Store Remorse, which is when you DON’T buy something weird at a thrift store and feel subsequent regret. Luckily, I didn’t succumb this while shopping for ’80s proms dresses and bought this:

Obviously, this was a sensible, useful purchase and I’ll be able to wear it to lots of places. Though it’s not as awesome as a landscape painting with a monster painted into it. Because nothing could be.

Got a strange thrift store find? Leave it in the comments, tweet me @LauraCJOwen, or email me. 

Featured image by Chris McMahon, found via Twisted Sifter