From Chick Candles to Robot Rabbits: 10 Home Goods to Help You Celebrate Easter With Ease

If you haven’t yet noticed the multitudes of chocolate bunnies and boxes of Peeps lining every shop wall, Easter is right around the corner. As in, this Sunday.

Admittedly, I’ve harbored a childish obsession with this holiday since my mother first dressed me up in a frilly dress and handed me tons of guilt-free sugar.

Now that I live on my own but am still sugar-happy (some things never change), I’ve been frantically scoping the ‘net for Easter worthy home goodies. Because when everyone’s heading to your place, you don’t want it to be caught sporting Valentine’s Day gear.

Here are 10 items your home –and everyone in it– will love this Easter!

1. The Classy Coney Plush ($17.99,

Classy? Not so much. Absolutely adorable? Check!

2. Robin’s Egg Soaps in Apothecary Jar ($24,

I never knew a jar of eggs could look so grown up.

3. Hangin’ with my Peeps Décor ($25,

These only look like that hi-cal treat you’re so fond of.

4. Chick Candles In Egg Crate ($6.99,

Brighten up your day with a set of cute chick candles.

5. Easter Chicks Cupcake Bites ($10,

Or, if you’d prefer to nosh on a sweet treat, these cake balls would fit right in with the festivities.

6. Karotz Wifi Smart Rabbit ($129.99,

Here’s the pet any techno nerd would love. Equipped with movable ears, “sight”, and speaking abilities, Karotz will stalk social media for you, publish your networking updates, and even play your tunes. What more can you ask for?

7. Blossoms & Blooms 2-pk. Bunny Kitchen Towels ($4.49,

Messy apartment? These are just the inspiration you need to get it clean.

8. Chocolate Egg with Duckling ($9.99,

Marked down to half price, you’ll also enjoy free shipping when you order this chocolaty gift. Um, if you know me, you should be expecting an egg in the mail sometime this week.

9. Peter Rabbit Cake Stand ($10,

A delicious cake and Peter Rabbit is the perfect Easter pairing. Scrumptious!

10. Bunny and Chick Salt & Pepper Shakers ($7.99,

Bunnies and chicks and carrots, oh my! You’ll make any table hoppy with this salt and pepper shaker duo.

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