One thing I love just as much as candy around Halloween time is all the great Halloween movies/specials on television. I used to love when ABC Family would do 13 nights of Halloween and play a different movie every night. I don’t like scary movies, though, I just like cheesy made-for-TV movies. That’s probably why I loved Disney’s Halloweentown as much as I did. I’m pretty sure the year it premiered, I saw it like, 12 times.

But, if I had to choose my favorite Halloween movie from this list, I would say Hocus Pocus. It’s a movie I will never get sick of. What is your favorite movie to watch around Halloween?

  • Erica Medina Martinez

    Do you remember “The Worst Witch” with Fairuza Balk and Tim Curry? I loved watching that growing up and not many people seem to remember it! I also adore “Practical Magic” and “Rocky Horror Picture Show” around this time of year!

    • Cristina Escamilla

      I just looked up that movie today!! I haven’t seen it in so long but I remember when they used to show it. :)

  • Melissa Paddy Powers

    Hocus Pocus is my favorite Halloween movie, too! Ghostbusters is an all-time classic that I enjoy throughout the year! More of my fave’s to watch this time of year: The Witches, Clue, Witches of Eastwick, anything from Director Tim Burton and ALL the Harry Potter’s.

  • Anna Nichols Cook

    BEETLEJUICE!! My all time favorite Halloween movie!! Nightmare Before Christmas and I’m definitely a fan of the classic horror movies! Just enough creep and some camp!!

  • Kelsey Taylor

    I also really loved Disney’s ‘Under Wraps’ made for TV movie! That mummy was hilarious. This list is amazing.

  • Daisy Sandoval

    fantastic list!

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