When I was in 1st grade, I had this face-painting book that I was obsessed with. The girl on the cover had her face painted like a cat. I thought she looked so cool. I dreamed of being her and knew that one day, with enough patience and tolerance for cold paint on my skin, I would be able to sit still as my mom painted my face. But I grew out of this face-painting phase and moved onto bigger and better things such as my love of Tum-Tum from the film Three Ninjas.

The face paint trend at Coachella reminded me of this time and inspired me to look up some examples of extreme face painting art. And I found some pretty insane faces. Some of these people are barely recognizable.

Now I think I could handle a little face paint, but completely transforming your whole face seems like it would be uncomfortable. That’s why I truly commend these face-painting mavens – for their creativity, their artistic skills and their ability to endure a face of paint.

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