Fiona Apple

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Fiona Apple

Postby HoLLIs » Sun Apr 15, 2012 10:54 pm

I was probably like 3 when Fiona Apple first dropped, but good music never dies so here I am, just about twenty years later absoutly all over it. Probably one of my favorite singer/songwriter/musicians of all time. My favorite album is When the Pawn Hits the COnflicts He thinks Like a King. All my favorite songs are from that album and I can and have, listened to it every day. Love the way she wails on On the bound. Love her lyrics, she is just amazing. Any way what I'm getting at is that she is FINALLY back with another album and I am so excited. Plus tour dates, coming to my home town-well EAST Cleveland, but hey, Cleveland. I cant be the only Fiona Apple fan.
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