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So much chatter, so little time. Here are some of the hot topics from our fantastic forum:

What’s Your Favorite Movie, Ever?

Postby Ptree82

“My Fair Lady – this has been my favorite movie for my entire life. When I was a little girl I would pronounce “lovely” as “loverly” because of Eliza Doolittle.”

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Life Changing Quotes!
Postby Dreamily Duff
“I found this amazing quote while I was watching “17 Again”, and found out what was the main point of the heart broken. so many quotes can heal, after long tearful you will realize and understand “love” and “life” more than you did. stay positive is what I am trying to do, and it helps a lot.”

If you have a favorite quote or passage…tell us about it!

The Pregnant Lady’s Perspective
Postby onsilver_stars
“I LOVE this column! I just had to share the squeal-inducing joy I feel when I see a new post from Sarah on HelloGiggles :)

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  • Oriol Garcia Casas

    Actually there are many movies that I like, so I will put some of a genre to which I see hour, about the love: high fidelity, 500 days, till the dawn and the Purple Rose of CairoConnect with Facebook to post a comment

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