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YA Suggestions
Our YA Education goddess, Kerry Winfrey, is always looking for suggestions of books to cover in her weekly column. If you have any books that you loved from childhood or are just reading now, let us know!

Re: Young Adult Education suggestions

by xyz »

“I love Anne of Green Gables. My suggestions should be Blake Nelson’s Girl or Cynthia Voight’s Homecoming.”
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Legends of the Seeker
Have you ever seen this show? Our forum users absolutely love it!

Legend of the Seeker

by HoLLIs » Wed Dec 14, 2011 10:40 am

“Please dont tell me & my sister were the only two people on the entire planet to tune into a fantasy/warrior/action show every saturday night. Yes a show like Xena or Hercules, which I watched growing up so when I happened to turn the channel and see a woman running in a white dress from some very scary mid evil guys, it was only appropriate for me to watch it. And that I did. EVERY weekend.
 Up until the last episode which I had no knowledge of it being cancelled. And to think I was looking foward to the 3rd season. And I still am. That show had so much more potential and story line to keep it going. I’m so sad, I miss that show. Now what to do on Saturdays?”

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Homemade Christmas Gifts
Have you ever given someone a homemade Christmas gift? One of our forum users is exchanging homemade gifts with her family and is looking for some tips.

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