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Things to See in NYC
What are some of your favorite spots to hit when you go to New York City? The last time I was in NYC was for a school trip so I’ve only visited the Statue of Liberty. I know we have some New Yorkers out there, so locals- please, share your faves! Why? Because we have a forum user that’s visiting NYC for the holidays and she’s coming all the way from Australia!

New Yorkers, help! (or any other Americans for that matter)

by gidget31 »

I’m an 18 year old from Perth in Australia and next week I’m coming the to US! Yay! We’ll be staying initially In New York for 4 days, and then hiring a car and travelling down the coast, picking up my brother, going to Florida and then back up to New York in time for New Year’s Eve for another couple of days. I  won’t lie, I’m pretty keen for the shopping but I also love learning about the history and culture of a new place. Seeing as we’re not there for very long I want to get as much info as I can to make it a super efficient trip!”

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Foreign Music
Do you guys listen to any non-English music? Our friends in the forum have been chatting away about their recommendations!

Re: Non-English music

by Amelie

“I really love the french bang KYO i recommend the song le chemine (sp?) and “sarah”is beautiful.”

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