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Silly Pets
Pets bring so much joy into our lives. Being greeted at the door by wagging tails and furry-faced nudges is a luxury that I refuse to live without. My dog, Sullivan, is not only my adopted son (I don’t care how pathetic that sounds, just FYI), or my sidekick, he’s also the sweetest, silliest and strangest little being that I’ve ever encountered. We all feel that way about our pets, right? They deserve to be bragged about. Their entire existence and survival depend on us and their love is unconditional.

Sully gets the cone, so apparently I lose a seat. (Image from my phone)

If you don’t currently have a pet, I highly recommend getting one. It’s good for the soul.

Do you have a silly pet story or picture you’d like to share? Do it here!

“Better Off Ted”
Do you remember this show? I certainly do. It was hilarious, unique and only lasted two seasons due to low ratings. It was a surprise cancellation, for me and our forum users.

Better Off Ted

by HoLLIs »

Boy do I miss this show. They’re talking about bringing it back but I doubt it. I found it to be really funny actually, but apparently the ratings were low. I say give it another chance.

The show is available on Netflix, so go watch and tell us what you think!

Cherished Gifts
What is your most cherished gift? Something you were given that you love and adore. Mine is actually a rock. It’s polished, bright orange and has “Imagine” engraved on it. It was given to me at some point and I believe it used to be a key chain that fell apart. I’ve come across it on several occasions in which I was feeling blue, stressed or discouraged. It now serves as a reminder of endless possibilities.

What’s the story of your most cherished gift? Share it here!

Image via MotleyNews

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