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Lets dive right in, shall we?

Thank You For Being My Cat

As much as I love animals, the only pet I’ve ever had was a fish and even though I loved him with all I had – he died (R.I.P. Laith Alexander the 3rd). This thread gives me the warm and fuzzies, pet appreciation at its finest.

Postby elisabeth

“So I’d like to open this thread so we can be thankful for our cats (or other pets) as well.

Thank you, for making my boyfriend sneeze…- the fact that he comes over despite his allergy to you proves his commitment to the both of us.”

Show your pet some appreciation, today! Post a picture and tell us why you love em.

Shopping Online

Postby bfoltin1

“I would love to see some recommendations on great websites for clothing and accessories that are affordable for the average person. Especially retro styles!”

Share your favorite shopping websites and interact with other awesome gigglers, here.

Your Suggestions

Is there something you’d like to see on the site but haven’t? Let us know!

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