Forum Chatter: PenPals, Playlists and You Are ALL Welcome!

Hello Dear Gigglers!

Have you checked out our forum section yet? It’s so easy, just click on “forum”, create a username and you’re in! Here are this week’s hot topics to get you started.

You’ve Got Mail

by isazrainbow

“Totally! I’d love a pen pal. I’m from Guam, so really any place else would be awesome to get mail from. I’m tired of getting letters which only mean that I owe money to someone.”

Do you want a penpal too? Get one here!


by swifty13

“I just read the article “10 songs that make you want to fall in love”… which was inspiring.
It would be so wonderful if you guys could post playlists”Share your playlists here.


Gigglers! You guys are amaaaazing! We welcome each and every one of you to join our forum and interact with other gigglers near and far. See what others have to say:

by meredithk8

“I’m so excited about forums! I haven’t used a message board since high school…it feels like I’m coming home. 

by BriSoFly88

“So stoked! I have so much love for HelloGiggles in insane.”

There you have it! Until next time, keep giggling!

P.S. Happy New Year!! (you know, when it gets here and stuff!)

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