Forum Chatter: Open Threads, Free Clothes and Bangs

Hello Gigglers!

The forum has just been a whirlwind of cool the last few days so I felt it necessary to fill you in, ASAP.

Last night, an announcement was made on the HelloGiggles Tumblr and Facebook page that the Open Threads for “So You Think You Can Dance”, “Bunheads”, “Pretty Little Liars” and “True Blood” have moved to the forum. PHEW! I was seriously bummin’ earlier this week when I couldn’t dish on “True Blood”. (Umm Sookie, I’ll take some of that fairy dust if you aren’t planning on using it?!) There’s a thread for each show and the discussion is ongoing. We need a place to chat about our favorite shows, so this is great news.

Now onto the free clothes. “What????” You ask. Yes! HelloGiggles has teamed up with StyleMint for a giveaway and the winner gets to choose the item they want from the StyleMint collection! I’m completely obsessed with StyleMint, ShoeMint, HomeMint, really all of the Mints, so this is incredibly cool. All the details are here.

Bangs. Bangs are certainly in right now, but they aren’t the easiest hairstyle to master or maintain. Thankfully, a few of the forum rockstars have gotten together to share some tips on how to be: the boss of the bang.

Re: Bangs

by bbettie »

“I have VERY thick wavy hair, and recently got bangs on for a switch.

Well, wavy bangs make me look crazy, flipping up and sticking out in all the wrong directions like I’m hiding a conversation scar or just got released from a “nervous” hospital. .

SOLUTION: After washing your hair, take a thick paper towel (VIVA brand works best) and roll (just your bangs) around the towel and tie it closed, (like the old way of rag tied curls). Let your bangs air dry while watching TV before beddie bye. The towel absorbs the moisture, and speeds things along. When you unroll it, (Don’t brush it out yet, wait until morning), and then you’ll have a somewhat tight and silky turned under bang that will relax and brush out neatly.
No curling iron needed, no flat iron, no drying hair with blow dryer.

Don’t give up, just train your bangs with a little love and a little paper towel.”

Great advice, bbettie! You make me want to give them another go.

Now, where are my scissors………


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