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One Tree Hill
Are you guys fans of this show? I’ve never seen a full episode. I was completely addicted to “The O.C.” and “90210” though, so it seems right up my alley. The forum users have been Netflix-ing the series and they are LOVING it. How do you feel about this show? Are some seasons better than others?

Let us know!

Meatless Mondays
Have you tried this new trend? Eating an excessive amount of meat can be a drain on our resources. Surely everyone can give meat up for one day per week, right? (Well, maybe not Ron Swanson.) But our forum users sure can! And not only that, they offer their support, meat-free recipes and tips to anyone else interested in giving this a go.

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Women Who Rock
Who are your favorite female rockers? My list includes Gwen Stefani, Florence Welch and Courtney Love from her Hole days.

Women Who Rock

Postby HoLLIs » Wed Aug 08, 2012 11:11 pm

Fiona Apple thank the sweet spirits that this musical goddess exsists
Janis Joplin obviously the one and only
Joan Jett
Bille Holiday
Ani DiFranco
Florence Welch one of my personal all time best vocalist
Gwen Stefani total boss
I dont want to hog join in at anytime…

Yes, please join in! Here.

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  • Lisa ‘LeeLee’ Beever

    One tree hill is amazing, I’ve seen every epsiode & own every box set that is out so far…

    I LOVE IT.

    Just watch it, watch it all! x

  • Kendra Harmel

    i got my dad to do meatless monday while i lived w/ my rents for a year…i never thought i get him to be ok with that be loved veggie lasagna and eggplant parmesan (as long as i bought frozen and already breaded eggplant cuz i sucked at cooking it)!!! i also made veggie pizza sometimes…the lasagna did the best with not just my dad, but even the extended farming/hunting family…i was very pleased!!!

  • Tasha French

    One Tree Hill is my favorite show. Watch it, you wont regret it. I don’t think season 9 is up yet but start watching!!

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