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Hey ya’ll! Are you enjoying the Olympics so far? Our friends in the forum are still buzzing about the Opening Ceremony and the upcoming basketball and tennis events. Which events are you most looking forward to? Team USA already has a few golds but we’ve definitely seen some upsets too! Which ones have surprised you? Join the conversation!

I’m currently in day three of my meat-free month and I feel like I need to get creative with my meals if I’m going to make it to the end. I’d also like for this experience so be painless enough that I can continue after the month is over. Shout-out to the forum users participating in the “Healthy Recipes” thread. You guys have given me some great ideas and site recommendations for vegetarian and vegan eats.

Who speaks other languages?

by Ptree82 »

One of my new year’s resolutions is to count to ten in ten languages. So far I have English, French, Spanish, Sign Language, Latin, Japanese and Italian. Can anyone else add some other cool languages to this list for me please?

Re: Who speaks other languages?

by LittlestThing »

I can do it in 8, the ones you don’t have are: Slovene, Croatian, German and Dutch (I can only write the first two)

Slovene: ena, dve, tri, štiri, pet, šest, sedem, osem, devet, deset.
Croatian: jedan, dva, tri, četiri, pet, šest, sedam, osam, devet, deset.
They’re quite similar…
Not sure if this helped, since there’s no pronunciation 

How cool is this? I’d say that wanting to learn a new language is a staple of the New Year’s Resolution list. I’ve been dying to learn Russian after seeing Mila Kunis snap back at that reporter who insulted Justin Timberlake at the Moscow premiere of “Friends with Benefits”. It just sounded so TOUGH!

Counting to ten in multiple languages and finding meat-free recipes? Now THAT was a productive day.

Thanks forum friends!

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