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Offensive Jokes
All comedians have made offensive jokes and everyone has been offended by a joke at some point in their lives. It’s hard not to offend at least one person every time you tell a joke. But how far is too far? Should certain topics be completely off-limits to comedians? I used to say no. Personally, I think that as long as a joke is well-written and well-executed, no topic is off limits. In most cases. I’m not saying that Daniel Tosh’s rape jokes were funny. Edgy and shocking is kind of his style though. I just know that my jaw drops several times throughout each episode of Tosh.0, but I’m never offended.

I was extremely offended, however, by Dane Cook’s recent joke about the Aurora, CO shooting. It was a poorly written, poorly executed joke and obviously, in very poor taste. It’s hard to imagine any comedian doing a better job delivering it. Or trying to make light of that terrible tragedy so soon after. So perhaps timing is also crucial in joke-telling when you are incorporating a sensitive subject.

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I have a shampoo obsession. I buy new kinds, brands from my childhood that stir up memories by scent, cheap kinds, expensive kinds and everything in between. Finding a shampoo that works for your hair is not easy, so you have to “kiss a lot of frogs” so to speak. Do you have a favorite shampoo? Is there a certain brand you love to splurge on? Join the conversation and share your favorites here!

Favorite Actors
There are so many wonderful actors these days, it’s so hard to choose! But fine, I’ll narrow it down. Here are my top five at the moment:

Alec Baldwin
Jon Hamm
Charlie Day
Joseph Gordon-Levitt
and last but not least,
Nick Offerman AKA Ron Swanson. (Best character on TV right now, am I right?!)

Here are the top five from one of our forum users:

Re: Who R Yr Top 5 Fave Actors

by Devonisonfire » Tue Aug 07, 2012 5:28 am

Johnny Depp
Cillian Murphy
Leonardo DiCaprio
Hugh Jackman
Misha Collins

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