Forum Chatter: Candy Cravings, Workouts & HBO's "Girls"


I added the extra r’s so you’d be able to tell just how awkwardly white I am. Anywho, let’s talk forum, shall we?

Candy Cravings
What’s your favorite sweet treat? Is there a different food that you just cannot resist? Sometimes you just need to indulge your cravings. Like a forum users!

 The twix was staring at me, so I ate it.

by kimsuedarcy »

I sure showed it! Then I showed it’s friends the pretzels too.
Share your favorite, irresistible sweet treats here

In order to indulge our cravings and stay in good shape, we need to workout! Maintaining a regular schedule of exercise can be difficult, especially if your routine is staring to bore you. I find that workout dvd’s or trying a new fitness class at my local gym is a great way to spice things up and stick with daily exercise.

Everyone struggles with staying in shape. Do you have any helpful tips to add? Share them here!

HBO’s “Girls”
What do you think of this show? I absolutely LOVED the first season. It was raw, it was real and at times I felt extremely uncomfortable with seeing the flaws in the characters that were similar to my own. To get that from a TV show is pretty incredible and it’s something I could use more of. Season 2 here we go!

Here’s what the forum users (I need a nickname for you guys! Forum-inators? Fore-rummers? We’ll work on it.) are saying about it:


by xyz »

I can’t really relate to any of the Girls’ particular situations or their lifestyles, and at first thought that was what was bothering me. But how many television shows that I watch (and enjoy) can I actually relate to anyway? It may be that I do relate to the sort of tunnel vision of that age, where other people’s problems/lives seem so distant and inconsequential compared to your own. I really think the episode last week highlighted that well and it was the episode I have enjoyed the most. Also Shoshanna running around the streets without her skirt was 
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 Image via FrustratedCFO

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