Forum Chatter: Friendzoned & Ex-Girlfriend Drama!

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by erfster

“So this is complicated. I’ve had a major crush on my best guy friend from college since pretty much freshman year. I’m pretty sure he knew/knows because we kind of talked about it once, but I never came out and said, “I like you” and he’s a dude so who knows. Anyway, he has a girlfriend now who also goes to the college we went to, we both just graduated and she is a senior. When we graduated I was hoping I would just have time to let it go since I wouldn’t see him every day. But then we both got jobs just about a little over an hour apart from each other. And he hired me to work with him part time so I see him 2-4 times a week now. And on top of that we talk pretty much every day, through Skype or texting.

I guess my problem is that I know he has a girlfriend and is not at all interested in me that way but I cannot get over it. How do you get over someone when it feels like the universe is pushing you together?”

Ex-Girlfriend Drama

by Rumplepumpkin

“Here is my question:

My boyfriend is really hurt and wants to drop his good friendship with his friend completely and just ignore him. I am feeling so confused about all of this. Should I be taking it personally that my boyfriend is so upset that his friend is dating his ex? I am so upset that all of our friends participated in making it seem like they weren’t actually dating. I want to encourage him to talk to his friend who is also my friend, but he is totally against it. How can I move forward from this while at the same time being supportive of my boyfriend. What do I do?”

You all know our forum is great for discussing the latest movies, TV shows and trends but it is also a wonderful and safe place vent or even get a little advice from fellow gigglers.

So, help these gigglers out or start your own thread. Share your wise words and experiences.


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