Forum Chatter: Family Drama, Road Trip Jams & Vintage Fashion

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Happy Friday! Allow me to get you up to speed on the forum chatter.

Family Drama
When we’re children, we can play with our siblings, cousins and the rest of our extended family without a care in the world. But when we grow up, we all go our separate ways and have different experiences and opinions. That’s when things tend to get complicated. You might not see your entire family all that often. When you gather for holiday dinners or special occasions, you might have a blast catching up. You might not. Unfortunately, you don’t get to choose your family. They are who they are and whether you like it or not, you are bonded to them forever. You might have a really ignorant uncle that makes inappropriate comments at the dinner table. Your cousin might have totally opposing political or religious views than you.  How do you handle disagreements with family members? It can get uncomfortable and out of hand pretty quickly. These disagreements might leave some permanent scars on your relationship. What do you do? Our friends in the forum have been venting and giving great advice on how to handle these situations.

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Road Trip Jams
It’s time to “hit the road, Jack!” (Sorry, HAD to do it.) You head out on the open road and you get your playlist all queued up. What are your favorite road trip jams? Our forum users are big fans of anything by AC/DC, Dire Straits and I’m From Barcelona.

Personally, I couldn’t imagine hopping behind the wheel without Garth Brooks or Florence And The Machine.

Let us know which songs/artists you love to listen to on the road, right here!

Vintage Fashion
I cannot get enough of vintage fashion. I think I should probably thank the lovely Zooey Deschanel for that. She just owns any retro inspired piece she puts on. There are so many sites that offer amazing vintage apparel that make it easy to get Zooey’s effortless style.

Vintage Inspired Fashion

by ladylovesvintage »

Hey ladies. Thought we should start a thread on our favourite vintage inspired labels. I totally love Zooey Deschanel’s style on New Girl and I read in a magazine that she shops a lot on Modcloth which I love. There are so many cute things on there. I also love this British label called Miss Patina their dresses are so pretty. They also deliver for free which is sweeeeeeeet! What about you? Have you found any similar sites worth sharing? 
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