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Failed Diets
Ugh. We’ve all been here before, eh? I’ve definitely failed in dieting more than I’ve succeeded. Even when I have succeeded, it was a temporary success. So what are some of your failed diets? Or even the diets that have worked for you?

Failed diets

by zippidydo » Tue Oct 09, 2012 12:09 am

“I feel like I’ve tried them all and none of them have stuck. I’ve noticed that trendy diets are starting to market themselves as a “lifestyle change” because that’s obviously the best way to go. You need to stick with a healthy and realistic lifestyle. But can we talk about the diets we’ve tried that have absolutely SUCKED?! I’ve done the Master Cleanse (ugh) and most recently tried the Dukan Diet (nothing but protein for 5-10 days????) I like well balanced meals, yo!”

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Maxi Skirt SOS
Do you guys wear maxi skirts? What do you pair them with? One of our forum users is looking for some help planning an outfit around her maxi, so let’s give her a hand. I’ve seen sweaters and moto boots, tanks, cropped jackets and wedges, really endless options.

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LIVE CHAT for The Mindy Project and New Girl
How amazing are these shows? The cameos on Mindy have been outstanding, and what will happen with Jess and Nick? Will he advance from “emotional fluffier” to full-on boyfriend? The HelloGiggles Team will be doing a LIVE CHAT during these shows tonight, starting at 9/8c. We’re on Pacific Time, but feel free to stop by our chat thread throughout the day and add your thoughts!

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