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Classic Films
Some of the best films in history were made before any of us were born. What are some of your favorite classic films? Our forum users are sharing their favorites, right now!

Re: Great Classic Films

by LavenderTea

“Breakfast at Tiffany’s is high on my Films-I-Really-Should-Have-Watched-By-Now list (I’ve just caught up with Finding Nemo).

But I love the old classics. The 1930’s version of Wuthering Heights is simply gorgeous, as is anything with Gregory Peck! The original Cape Feare of 1962, which he was in with Robert Mitchum is particularly chilling (although when I hear the music I can’t think of anything but Sideshow Bob…). Then there’s Hitchcock’s the Birds, which remains one of my favourite movies of all time.

Now this is ooollld, but I still watch the 1931 Dracula… I’m even a sucker for silent movies. La Voyage Dans La Lune, Phantom of the Opera, the Laurel & Hardy skits… it’s all still better than most TV nowadays!”

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Vintage Fashion
Our friends in the forum are always talking about vintage fashion. Where to buy, new brands vs. vintage stores and of course, our vintage fashion icon, Zooey! Do you like shopping for vintage styles? Where do you get your vintage pieces from?

Re: Vintage Inspired Fashion

by caffeitina

“Vintage is awesome! I have a big issue with today’s fashions. The good quality stuff is out of my price range, and the affordable stuff looks and, well, IS cheap. Plus I try to stay away from trendy stuff. My go-to stores for authentic & affordable vintage clothes are Salvation Army and Goodwill. There’s no guarantee you’ll find something every time you go. And you have to know how to shop there (and have a lot of patience) in order to find anything. But chances are you’ll come away with some great pieces, save your wallet, and contribute to some great causes while you’re at it. You can’t lose 
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Live Chat: “New Girl” Season Premiere
Speaking of Zooey, tonight marks a very special occasion for one of our fearless leaders. Tonight is the season premiere of “New Girl” on Fox!! What will happen with Cece and Schmidt? Will Nick get back together with Caroline? What kinds of adorkable antics will our girl, Jess, get into? We can’t wait to find out! We’ll be doing a LIVE CHAT in the forum during the season premiere.

“New Girl” premieres tonight on Fox with TWO new episodes, starting at 8/7c and then at 9/8c. Come chat with us!

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