Forgotten Flicks – JUST THIS ONCEBethany Joy Lenz

Playboy Mark MacLene (Lawford) is in deep sheizah with the IRS.  He owes, but keeps on spending.  Enter Lucille (Janet Leigh) who is put in charge of his estate by Mark’s trustee, Sam (using his power of attorney).  Lucille is not to be trifled with and puts him on a strict budget.  Mark decides to get rid of Lucille by moving in with her (after all, he can’t afford to pay his mortgage on the allowance she gives him), driving her crazy and giving her boyfriend a big raise– in hopes that she’d marry her guy and forget all about him…

Ah, but it’s never that simple, is it?  No, Cupid has something up his little sleeve for Mark & Lucille.  This is a great Valentine’s movie with or without a date.  I don’t know how this one ever got swept under the rug, but I think it’s great…


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  1. Where can you find this movie? I’ve looked everywhere!!

  2. Aww looks adorable, I do love an old hollywood love story!

  3. This sounds like a nice romantic comedy! Thank you for sharing these forgotten flicks! I think I will have to do a forgotten flicks marathon with some gal pals soon.

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