Forgotten Flicks 3 – ‘Heart & Souls'

This has been one of my favorites since I was a kid, and it’s basically when I fell in love with Robert Downey Jr.  I think the exact moment was when he does an impersonation of Alfre Woodard.  So anyway, this one is Kyra Sedgwick, Charles Grodin, David Paymer, Elisabeth Shue and the afforementioned Alfre Woodard and RDJ.

Downey is Thomas Reilly, a young man who has the (mis?)fortune of being born at the exact moment a San Fransician busload full of people meets its doom.  In this film’s effervescent Hollywood version of the afterlife, 4 souls from the bus are “assigned” to Milo for his entire life.  Once Thomas is all grown up the 4 Souls realize they are supposed to be using Milo to resolve any earthly issues they wanted to “tie up” before they go to Heaven.  Milo, having gone through years of therapy to try and forget his invisible friends, suddenly faces them again and becomes their reluctant vessel.

It’s really funny.  It might make you cry, too. Rent it.