— Five Ways Something Ruined My Life

5 Ways ‘My Girl' Ruined My Life

I wanted to be a lot of people when I was little: Clarissa Darling, Sam from Now and Then, Mary Anne from The Baby-sitters Club but the character I felt the closest to personality-wise was Vada Sultenfuss from My Girl. I mean, I was pretty convinced with the right wardrobe I could just become her and it totally wouldn’t be a big deal at all. She also had a unique name, which, when your name is Erin, you sometimes get a little jealous of (you also get jealous of people having standard nicknames to choose from, but that’s another story).

I just re-watched My Girl and let me tell you, I started crying from when Thomas J starts getting stung by bees until the very last frame of the movie. Heart. Wrenching.

Also, I don’t know what was going on in the early ’90s, but basically every movie I loved took place in the ’70s and everyone wore awesome clothes, so I think that’s probably why bell bottoms came back and I loved wearing them (much to my mom’s chagrin).

Anyway, here are five ways My Girl (whose anniversary is today!) ruined my life. Don’t even get me started on My Girl 2.

1. Made Me a Hypochondriac

So let’s all remember that I pretty much thought I could be Vada Sultenfuss as a kid. Well, one of her main character traits is always running to the doctor and thinking something is wrong with her.

Her hypochondria comes from her experiences with death on a daily basis, which is a totally valid reaction (I think) when you’re 11. I can’t guarantee mine came only from her but it’s likely she helped. A lot.

The thing is, I don’t enjoy going to the doctor at all. I just like telling people (mostly my mom) that things are wrong with me and that I’m dying from them. I’ve been convinced numerous times that I broke my little toe (there’s nothing they can do about that, really, anyway) and I’m terrified of breaking a rib because my grandmother once told me she used to break her ribs all the time bathing the kids in the tub (scary!). But mostly it would just be something like this:

Erin: Mom, I have weird red marks on my legs! What is this?

Mom: Did you just come out of a hot shower?

Erin: Yes…

Mom: Then it was probably just TOO hot.

And sure enough, the blotches would go away.

Of course, when I was 12 and I fell and was convinced that I broke my elbow because I couldn’t bend it, no one believed me! But who showed who when it started swelling up a week later and I had a HAIRLINE fracture that required a SPLINT?


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