Five Ways Something Ruined My Life

Five Ways Jennifer Lawrence Ruined My Life

There’s a change up around the ‘ol column this week. I’m not getting into a TV show or movie, for the first time ever, I am talking about a person. An actress, to be exact. I’d love to tell you I don’t still get obsessive celebrity crushes but that’d be a lie. (And the lovely Meghan O’Keefe tackles a Crush of the Week anyway.) This is about a life ruiner. An actress whose stage, interview and film presence has rendered me putty in her hands (or something).

An actress whose expressions are so GIF-able you feel like you are talking to her when you scroll through tumblr. An actress who knows her way around a bow and arrow. An Academy Award winner at age 22. I’m not even mad she was born in 1990.

Yes, Jennifer Lawrence is the most recent addition to the list of People And Things That Have Ruined Erin’s Life. This is not a new idea regarding Jennifer Lawrence. Everyone is pretty much in love with her and has deemed her America’s BFF.

Here are five ways Jennifer Lawrence has ruined my life:

1. Her Facial Expressions Give Me Hope 

Here’s the thing. My mom has called me “Erin face” for as long as I can remember. I’ve always been one for facial expressions. You know how having a “poker face” is a thing? Well, I don’t have that at all. Anything I’m feeling is strewn across my face at every moment.

This is why in school when I would get stressed, my eyes would well up and then everyone would talk about how “Erin is getting teary-eyed again” and I could never pretend they were wrong. But usually making goofy faces gets me into trouble or at least makes people comment on them.

Having Jennifer Lawrence making the rounds with her series of facial expressions has really made me feel better about my own. Here are some great Jennifer Lawrence expressions I’ve seen, but if you just look at the Jennifer Lawrence tag on tumblr you’ll see 1827634587563924562 more.

shrug i love you

2. She Appears to Always Say The Right Thing

I mean, across the board, I can’t think of any celebrity I’ve been this into in a long time. She always has a funny quip to respond to an interviewer, she always makes the “right” comments that we all want to hear, she just seems, perfect. In her non-perfection, of course.

She gives the answers we want to hear. She swears but smiles when she does it so it’s charming. She tells everyone on the red carpet she’s hungry when no one else would admit to that.

I don’t really have anything groundbreaking to say on this point. I just feel like she cannot answer a question or react to a situation incorrectly right now.

jennifer lawrence jack nicholson

I rest my case.

3. She Referenced First Wives Club Publically

Remember at the Golden Globes when half of the internet got in a tizzy about Jennifer Lawrence maybe dissing Meryl Streep and the rest of us were yelling, “SHE’S REFERENCING FIRST WIVES CLUB?”

I thought it was genius and just the exact thing to put me over the edge of full-on superfan.

jennifer lawrence meryl streep


Look, I’m an adult and I think Katniss Everdeen is awesome. I was right there waiting to find out who was going to bring Katniss to the “big screen.”

I was immediately on board with Jennifer Lawrence because I started loving her during the award season after Winter’s Bone and haven’t stopped since.

My favorite criticism, however, was, “she doesn’t have brown hair!” as if no actress in the history of time has ever changed the color of their hair for a role.

SC_D11_02752 Especially in a movie which I had many issues with (don’t jump down my throat I just love the books so much and I hate when movies don’t adapt books I love the right way) I absolutely loved her performance as Katniss and at least can’t wait to see how that develops.

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  • Lisa Knox

    I completely agree – I’m pretty sure I love everything about her, but that exchange with Jack Nicholson was awesome! She’s one of very, very few celebrities that seem like someone you’d hang out with (even though I’m old enough to be her mom, but whatever). Thanks for sharing!

  • Bobbie Aleen Hendron

    She’s one of the very very few “famous” people that I genuinely like, and have that feeling of “You’re weird enough to be friends with me” and I like that in people. 😀

    Wow. Just realized I said basically the same thing as Lisa. Still true!

  • Pamela Rodriguez

    OMG I totally agree with everything you say! She’s so herself… it makes her beautiful. Plus, you know, she’s already beautiful. And she’s not skeletical, I love how she stands firm on maintaining the weight of a normal human being.

  • Gary Cartzdafner

    jennifer rocks…fresh breath of air..speaking her mind…jen on, baby!!!!..erin, sounds like the path you r following too…..maybe

  • Carrie Mitchell- Akin

    My husband has had a HUGE crush on Emma Stone, now ever since I MADE him watch the Hunger Games he is in love with Jennifer Lawrence. He likes the fact that she is “who she is” and doesn’t apologize for it, and that she isn’t some “scrawny” celebrity. I am totally on board with this crush :)

  • Barbara Kelly

    I agree completely! Jennifer Lawrence is just so endearing. Love her!

  • Maria Isabel Deleon-Lara

    I loved this! Jennifer Lawrence is freaking awesome. I loved the picture of her giving the finger at the Oscars.

  • Sandra Henningsson

    J-Law ruins every second of my life with her awesomeness. I WANT THAT GIRL AS MY FRIEND!

  • Arlette Cuevas

    I agree … Jennifer Lawrence (J.Law) came here to ruined our life forever ( in the best possible way)
    I love her so much, she is autentic, funny, pretty, smart and REAL.
    we are not used to seeing a rising star so human and natural, watch her movies is refreshing! … She is the best!

  • Jaime Hammer

    I’ve recently become quite obsessed with her! She’s adorable and funny and, like you said, always has the perfect response to any situation or question! I don’t know if I would rather be her or her best friend haha.

  • Kaitlin Howard

    I pretty much fell in love when she met my other favorite person, Jack Nicholson (close second to Bill Murray). It was the perfect encounter. And then I watched videos of her for an hour..

  • Kaitlyn Whiteside

    Love Jennifer Lawrence. Love that she’s Katniss. Love that she’s hilarious. Love that she’s from my hometown. Yup, pretty much love everything about her.

  • Sarah Rebecca

    This link (below) made me love Jennifer Lawrence even more. This girl has a heart of gold, and she is lucky to have such a fantastic career blooming in front of her eyes.

  • Marcos Calicchio Vianna

    I guess you would go crazy watching a movie with Jennifer + Mila Kunis + Cobie Smulder and Emma Stone!

  • Michelle Dow

    When I have a bad day I look up “Jennifer Lawrence Interview” on youtube because anything that comes up is bound to make me laugh. Everything form “I swear that’s not my butt” to “I found out my boobs are uneven.” She’s so unapologetic about who she is and has such a realistic view of what Hollywood really is.

  • Beth Cook

    Love Jennifer Lawrence!!! I have loved her since she played Bill Engvall’s daughter on the very good, but short-lived, sitcom, “The Bill Engvall Show.” She was hilarious!!!

  • Alena Diaz

    Erin, as far as I can see from your picture you actually do look like her. You are super gorgeous too ya know! : )

  • Karen Roberson

    She literally *is* us. Jennifer Lawrence = the internet. And nothing could be more perfect. (Also yes my photo is me standing with Scully. NBD)

  • Charlotta Hayder

    Holla at your Erin face. I call mine Gumby. I don’t much like kids but they flock to me because I look like a damn cartoon character.

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