Five TV Show Spin-Offs That Should Have Never Been Canceled


Models Inc. is about, well models, duh!  Amanda Woodward (Heather Locklear from Melrose Place) and  mother Hilary Michaels (such a terrible made up name) played by Linda Grey run a modeling agency. The show was produced by Aaron Spelling (genius), so how could this have been canceled? It also had future star Garcelle Beauvais and Carrie-Anne Moss (‘The Matrix’).  Models Inc. knew how to spot talent. I really would like it explained to me why this show didn’t work. Isn’t the basics of good TV to watch beautiful people do beautiful things? This was canceled after two seasons, but really without much closure for me.


I wish I could tell you I always knew this fun fact but I didn’t, ready? Just the Ten of Us was a spin-off of Growing Pains! Did I blow your mind? It really blew mine when I found out. Both shows were favorites of mine; I guess I wasn’t into details growing up or something. How did some genius think to give Coach Graham Lubbock and his eight kids their own show? Sometimes Hollywood is really smart at these things. Nothing makes me happier (besides when shows go on vacations) than a big family scenario. Eight kids? Yes please! There was a kid for each of us to identify with (except the baby, Harvey. He served very little purpose). I really liked Connie but if you ask Co-founder Zooey D, she will tell you her favorite was Sherry (Heidi Zeigler). The show was canceled after three seasons, so Hollywood can be pretty dumb sometimes too, it seems.

The Golden Palace

The Golden Palace was a spin-off of The Golden Girls minus Bea Arthur, but who cares, it had Betty White. I bet you if you aired this now on TV Land before or after Hot In Cleveland it would do so well. You can have that idea, TV Land programmers, go for it. The Golden Palace has our favorite retired women running a fancy hotel. I know I mentioned earlier how much I love vacations and big family story lines, but I also really love a “hotel living” story line. Don Cheadle was the hotel manager, do you need anything else? This show only aired for one season, sadly. I might have to admit that 80% of my interest in this show growing up was based on the fact that Betty White and I shared the same name.

Saved by the Bell: The College Years

Saturday mornings growing up were all about Saved by the Bell. I don’t even think I really loved the show, but I watched. I really liked Good Morning Miss Bliss (the original Saved by the Bell) more, but that was probably just me since they recast it. Saved by the Bell: The College Years was great because you got to see what happened to Zack and Kelly. Whenever a show blesses you with follow up info on your favorite cast you need to respect it and not cancel it. Everyone should know that.


I saved this for last and I think we all know why. It’s clearly a TV show that really failed us by getting canceled. Daria is an animated serious and spin-off of Beavis and Butt-head. My favorite character was always Daria but I did love me some Quinn, her younger “cooler” sister. Co-founder Molly and I love to discuss who should play her in a feature movie.  I personally think Molly. This is the kind of show that should still be on now and twenty years from now. BRING BACK DARIA. Just decided here and now that HelloGiggles is going to do all we can to make Daria appear on our site. DREAM PEOPLE, DREAM.

Stay tuned for my next post when I discuss my love for spin-offs and confess I used to watch Empty Nest.

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  • Amber Alvarado

    Bring back Daria is right! I was a Jane fan myself and may have had a cartoon crush on her older brother.

    • Kristin Lundgren

      omg, TRENT! I still have a crush on him :)

  • Alicia Stillman

    Bringing back Daria would be the best thing to happe to girls/women everywhere!

  • Diana Zapata

    One of my favorite memories from first year at university was hanging out in the lounge at 4 am after a night of hanging out and drinking (probably) and watching saved by the bell followed by saved by the bell: the college years. Best thing ever.

  • Sarah Kendall

    I only agree with Daria. “Love” isn’t strong enough describe my feelings for that show.

  • Lindsay Bradleigh Shank

    If they can bring back Bevis and Butthead (which they did at SDCC this year) they can CERTAINLY bring back Daria!

  • Deirdre K McCormick

    Just an fyi…in college, my best friend and I watched Saved By The Bell every Saturday morning, while eating raw cookie dough from the tube. It did not matter in the least that they were in Jr. High/High School. We were glued to the tv. The only thing better? Graduating college, and moving to an entirely different state…only to find that the Saved By The Bell gang had semi-reunited, minus a couple of the girls, and had a new show! Did I watch it? Yep. Minus the cookie dough tube, of course.

  • Caitland Romer

    I dressed up as Daria for Halloween one year (after it had been cancelled). That is how much I loved that show.

  • Melanie Wanga

    And I thought I was the only one to remember Models Inc. I was only 12/13, but I was enjoying this show so MUCH.

  • Stanley Foss

    Thank you for remembering Just The Ten Of Us! I read the article just to see if you would include it. Also SBTB College Years is totally underated!!

  • Tom Mescudi Silverstone

    I LOVE DARIA!!Bring it back! 😀

  • Carolyn Gaffney

    ugh, I loooveeeed Daria!!!!

  • Alexis Melsha

    The only one I never saw was “Golden Palace” but it sounds amazing so I agree. Also? “Just the Ten of Us” was TOO GOOD to get cancelled, loved it. & just, “duh” on “Daria” because how on earth did that ever managed to even get cancelled?

  • Olivia Colsman Langford

    trent. hottest cartoon ever.

  • Jamie Kluesner

    I Loved Just the 10 of us! And Saved by the Bell Anything was always a win in my book!

  • Meg Eppel

    Ok, expect Golden Palace & Models (simply for the fact I’ve never seen them), I agree with all of these! I was so bummed when they didn’t continue… but at least Kelly & Zack got a wedding movie (which I might have taped and watched like a 100 times!)

  • Lynna Ho

    I love this list, but isn’t Betty White Rose and not Sophia? I know this because Rose is from MN, and every time I mention that I’m from MN while out of state, I get a St. Olaf quote.

    • Adri Serrano

      I caught that, too! Weird.

  • Annabelle Foster

    Looove Daria. I didn’t watch it when it was on, but have devoured the awesome DVD box set.

    Can’t wait to read about Empty Nest – I totes was into that show. Did you also watch the spinoff of the spinoff, Nurses?

  • Robyn Pennington

    Daria was friggin amazing! I love that she was incredibly intelligent, had problems opening up emotionally, had crazy-ass parents that bribed her to do shit and that she was SO sarcastic. High school really sucks sometimes and she epitomized that feeling by snarkily remarking on everything. Daria = <3

  • Frank Fraone

    Bring back Daria! By the way you remember JUST THE TEN OF US? I imagine you were in grade school then.

  • Eric Rzeszut

    Yes, yes, a 1000x yes to this list!!

    Models Inc = gorgeous women = GOOD.

    Just The 10 of Us = anything with Jamie Luner = GOOD. (Also, not a spin-off, but why didn’t the Luner-riffic series “Savannah” survive?)

    Golden Palace didn’t do much for me, though I appreciate Golden Girls more now as an adult.

    SBBTB: TCY, awesome. But every time I see commercials for “Franklin & Bash” on TV, I groan. I still can’t believe Zach Morris as a lawyer.

    Daria, totally fantastic, even though (I think) it’s only about 90% as good as B&BH. But that’s still pretty darn good.

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