Five Reasons Why I Can’t Stop Watching ‘The Challenge' on MTV

I need to defend this once and for all and then I’m going about my afternoon because I have a new episode fresh on my TiVo. The Challenge is far and away the best reality program out there – trust me, I know them all.

First thing’s first: it would take an alien or a robot to not get extremely and disproportionately invested in these characters. I mean, I feel like I’ve grown up with these dysfunctional, drunk, fighting and drama-prone people. They’re the crappy family I never had and I cherish our time together greatly.

As an avid reality TV watcher (don’t judge me, you are too), I feel like no other show has as much political content or intrigue as this program. The level of manipulation is on par with the highest level of politics in our two party system.

Let’s get more specific.

1. The show has the best reality villain in the history of reality TV. His name is CT. Ever heard of him? He’s been kicked off two shows for punching a fellow contestant and I still wouldn’t hesitate to say yes if he asked me out on a date. Come on, guys – need I say more?

2. TJ – what a host. When he got into his accident last year, I nearly had a nervous breakdown until I found out he was okay. On top of that, TJ is the guy for the job because he doesn’t let his contestants get away with anything.

3. The format is always changing and it’s always brilliant. It started with Real World vs. Road Rules but it’s become SO MUCH MORE. Fresh Meat? Really? GOLD. That’s a whole new cast and we got three of the biggest all stars ever in Kenny, Evan and Evelyn. It gives me chills just talking about it.

4. There’s never a dull moment. The challenges are death-defying, there is always an orgy in the jacuzzi and guys and girls are screaming at each other constantly. It never gets old.

5. Finally – and most importantly – some of the smartest people I know that don’t watch any other reality programs watch this show. I’m talking about some of the classiest people around, and they’re totally hooked on this show just like me. It’s the lowest brow entertainment I can find that somehow appeals to all of my highbrow friends. That’s just good programming.

For these reasons and so many more, I can’t stop watching The Challenge and I never will. I get giddy about it, it makes me emotional and I hope it never goes away. Yes, I am totally serious if you couldn’t tell.

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  • Amanda LaCroix

    CT is a trainer at the gym I used to go to in Boston… Extra motivation for a workout! He stood in line in front of me at Dunkin’s once, but unfortunately did not notice me. Or chose to ignore me, since I was probably staring at him with my mouth open. Whateva.

  • Alice Vaught

    CT is the greatest, sure sometimes he’s crazy, but really he’s labeled a villain because he is such a beast that the other contestants are scared pant-less around him and spend all their time plotting his downfall.

    He’s the hero when I watch. Last week he said he was going to eat Wes’ face, and I believe he would, but I still think he has a heart of gold.

  • Kristin Mahoney

    My friend had the biggest crush on CT in middle school! I never understood it but looking back…I was dumb. I’m glad he got a better hair style because I think that’s what killed him for me when he was on the Real World: Paris.

  • Ally Monge

    I thought I was alone in my love for the Challenge shows! Been an avid fan since Battle of the Sexes… and it even introduced me to the greatest of Jersey Shore. I feel like I must constantly defend my reality tv watching to my friends, but I just don’t know how my life would be without reality tv- from challenge to intervention, jersey shore to meerkat manor, I love them all.

  • Jamie Kluesner

    It’s like the worst train wreck that you just can’t stop staring at!

  • Madeline Hanson

    I encourage all of you to do what my friends and I do… start a fantasy league for the challenge. It’s truly amazing. You have a draft (CT was obviously my first pick, but I had to settle for Johnny Bananas…he does know how to play the game, but he’s no animal like CT) And you get points for who wins the jungle, gauntlet, or what ever the hell they’re calling it that season. But you also get points for hookups, fights (extra points for a broken glass), or when people say things like “I’m not here to make friends”, You haven’t seen the last of me” or they get a lecture from TJ. Makes wathcing the Challenges even more amazing if you can imagine that.

    • Jenna Jardine

      Omg! A fantasy league would be the answer to all my problems! What a terrific idea, so genius yet so obvi! I’m seriously so psyched I will spend the next six months perfecting all the details. I cannot express how happy this makes me

  • Nicole Jornet

    I seriously thought I was the only one who still watched this show. Glad to know there are still others out there who appreciate this madness. I’m going to need Kenny to get it together already!

  • Stacey Rushchak

    Yes! I am not alone!!!

  • Nicole Daniels

    I LOVE the idea of a fantasy league…. I will absolutely be starting one next season. Thanks for the tip!

  • Neal Obermeyer

    Best show ever.

  • Lindsey Garcia

    Even my mother watches this show. So.. yeah.

  • Erin Aldinger

    I, like you, have no shame in my love for The Challenge. LOVE IT! I have been watching Real World & Road Rules since I got MTV about 12 years ago and have no plans to stop :)

  • Cole Nicci Clark

    I’m a 38 year old lesbian and would date CT!!!! It is the best reality show out there! You can’t help hate, I mean love, I mean hate, I mean love them!!!!!

  • Ramou Sarr

    I haven’t watched a Real World season in five years but I cannot quit the challenges. CT is my everything. He is a possible homicidal maniac with a heart of gold. He is the quintessential reality television crazy beast. And I love him. Don’t ever change, CT.

  • Laura Vaught

    I love the Challenges! I haven’t watched the Real World since the first Las Vegas but I have seen every Challenge out there. They’re amazing slices of reality tv goodness. CT is amazing but I also love Abram’s Abramness.

  • Maya Frank-Levine

    I am a little bit crazy obsessed with this show.

  • Tara Welytok

    I LOVE these shows! I’m so glad other people are as obsessed as me
    even reruns are entertaining

  • Jill Lubochinski

    couldn’t agree more! CT has totally grown on me this season.

  • Nnenna Ugwuala

    The challenges are amazing. Watched every season for the past ten years. They are so addictive. Everyone of the contestants are hot mess but that’s what I love about them. CT and Kenny are def my faves.

  • Flo Chica

    These challenges are still on? I stopped watching MTV about 5 years ago.

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