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Five Other Guys to Drool Over Besides Ryan Gosling

Look, we get it. We all love Ryan Gosling. He’s been toying with female hearts since he grabbed Rachel McAdams in The Notebook and single-handedly revived the newsboy hat (after Britney nearly tarnished its reputation). He’s interesting, smart, flirty AND a Scorpio. Boy’s got sex appeal.

But we have to move on. At least temporarily. You can have too much of a good thing (hello, tequila shots). Remember: there are other men in this wide world of ours to obsess over (like your actual boyfriend or your current crush). And if you just can’t get Ryan ‘the Gos’ Gosling out of your head, why not try a dalliance with some of the finest men of our not so distant past:

1. Jean-Paul Belmondo

People complain that ‘the Gos’ is hipster crack for the lady masses, but Belmondo was the original. Who else could hold a cigarette that seductively? Who else could commit murder while singing sweet songs? Who else (besides millions of others) speaks French, a.k.a. the language of love? Jean-Paul Belmondo and your lips of the amazing, I salute you.

2. Cary Grant

His suave demeanor, delightful banter and tanned (oily?) skin, all combined to make him the perfect leading man. So maybe he’s dead and maybe he swung the other way (Betty White seemingly outed him last year) but Carey Grant was a sight to behold. I mean, I had a crush on him as a kid. I was 11 when I first deemed him flawless in North by Northwest. So at the same time I was sweating Nick Carter, the youngest (and most whiniest voiced) member of the Backstreet Boys, I was crushing hard on a 54-year-old. A very attractive 54-year-old. MAN HAD GENES.

3.Paul Newman

Wickedly handsome? Check. Humanitarian? Check. Happily married for fifty years? Check. Marvelous varieties of frozen pizzas? Double Check!


I welcome you to my dreams, Paul. We can escape prison and get back at The Man and run away together to start another charity and eat Newman’s Own mint chocolate cookies. I promise we’ll stop at thirty seven (fifty is way too much, trust me). Oh you’re too busy up in Heaven? Hanging with Tupac in Thugz Mansion? That’s cool. I can wait. Let me know when you have an afternoon avail. Thanks!

4. Don Draper

The man looks good in a suit and can work a room. He’s a bad boy but we love him. He’s impulsive, he steals identities and he lies about everything! What’s not to like?

Okay, so maybe he’s not the best option for our affections.

Don Draper is kind of like the ultimate Monet. Totally hot, but up close a big old mess. Clearly he has issues. He cheated on Betty over and over – and I’m not even sure he used protection. He smokes like a chimney so you know his teeth are a total disaster (there wasn’t even fluoride back then) and has he really fixed his alcohol problem? I didn’t see any rehab trips last season, only an ill-advised marriage. Plus he’s chronically unhappy and lest we all forget, he has been violent with women from time to time.


Screw you Don Draper! You can’t hold a candle to ‘the Gos.’

To shake off these icky feelings, I present to you, last but not least:

5. Nelson Mandela

What’s not to obsess over? He helped bring down the apartheid, overcame 27 years in prison (talk about devotion), won the Nobel Peace Price and became the first black president of South Africa. And best yet, he’s still going strong.

Damn Nelson! You’ve achieved a ton.

Now I gotta to go figure out what I’ve done with my life because obviously IT’S NOT ENOUGH!

Why is life so hard?

photos via GQ, theselvedgeyard, pbspaulnewman, village voice, demeterclarc

  • Tatiana Daugherty

    Cary Grant. *sigh* Paul Newman? *huge sigh* I love all these men (not Don Draper, though. Handsome can only get a man so far), but Ryan still has 2nd to top honors with me. My #1 crush right now is Alexander Skarsgård. *biggest sigh ever*

  • Kirby Boom

    I’m just sad a young Marlon Brando is not on this list, the only man that could possibly divert my Gosttention.

    • Mariana Araújo

      young Marlon Brando, yes please! :)

  • Leah Greenslade

    I had that picture of Paul Newman as my desktop background for the longest. I. SWOON.

  • Ramou Sarr

    The addition of Nelson Mandela on this list is absolutely spectacular. Bravo! (I’m still going to drool over Gosling 24/7 though.)

  • Leah Greenslade

    @Kirby: Young Brando was also a desktop background guy for me, but unfortunately, he’s one of the few famous men that aged absolutely awfully. Paul Newman however, mmmMMM even as he got older. THOSE EYES- Piercing BLUE! Again… swooning.

  • Thu Ngo

    Gregory Peck?

    • Mikaylah Roggasch

      I love Gregory Peck. :)

  • Ana Lugo

    You forgot James Dean! Watch East of Eden.. He’s so beautiful it hurts

  • Morgan Singleton

    Yes! I love them all!

  • Anna Dobben

    I actually snorted when I reached Nelson Mandela (not because he’s not crush worthy, but hey, it came outta left field) Nice job!!

  • Eden Carter

    Cary Grant is my all time favorite. <3

  • Liz Haebe

    Paul Newman is an angel. He was an angel on Earth, and now an a real angel in Heaven. He has to be. There’s no way a man can produce the Italian Dressing that his company does and NOT be an angel. Seriously. Well done.

  • Adriana Tostado

    I love that Paul Newman was on the list!

    I watched “Mr. Smith Goes To Washington” last night and I gotta say, James Stewart got my heart aflutter with all his American idealism and good boy charm. He’s so dreamy in a lanky and awkward kinda way. 😛 P.S. I’d choose Jimmy over Cary in The Philadelphia Story.

    • Amy Addington

      Oh Jimmy Stewart was the dreamiest!! I love him and Paul Newman the most. :)

  • Brittany Anne

    I’m only sad James Dean is not on this list.

  • Shandra Goldfinger

    Jimmy Stewart NEEDS to be on this list. Just take a look at his Wikipedia page: He’s basically perfect. I’ve been crushing on him since high school. Aside from being an amazing actor, he went to Princeton, played the accordion, spent his free time building model airplanes with Henry Fonda, and held an annual charity event that raised millions for children at the Santa Monica hospital. I dare anyone to watch Mr. Smith Goes to Washington and not come away wishing he could be recreated for you right there.

  • Catie Anderson

    Andrew Garfield anyone??

    • Sílvia Juncà

      Me Me Me!!!! 😀

  • Julia Gazdag


  • Donna Dean

    Jimmy Stewart would also give his lady the moon. The friggin moon, y’all.

  • Clare Bamford

    Cary Grant, and Jimmy Stewart are my favs and also, in the spirit of the season, in two of favourite Christmas movies. The Bishop’s Wife and, of course, It’s a Wonderful Life.

  • Brittney Reyes

    When i opened this post was blank…blank because I ONLY HAVE EYES FOR RYAN.

  • Sílvia Juncà

    Cary Grant FOREVER. * (and Ryan Gosling too :p)

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