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This fitness model empowers us all by showing how her body photos change based on an angle

Anna Victoria / www.instagram.com

Like the Kardashians, fitness bloggers are skilled in taking the most flattering photos of their bodies on Instagram. Yet, fitness blogger and model Anna Victoria showed in an Instagram post how her body’s appearance changes depending on how she poses. This wasn’t the first time this body positive and inspiring woman has posted about body perception and, thankfully, it most likely won’t be the last.

From a look at her fitness website or Instagram account, you know Anna is super fit and healthy. But the side-by-side photo comparison of her body in different positions shows how much can change based on an angle. She shared one image of her standing and one of her sitting on Snapchat and Instagram — and how different her body looks is pretty astounding.

However, Anna’s point isn’t really to shock us. Instead, it’s to show how you shouldn’t be constantly critiquing your body.

In reference to the photo where she is sitting down, Anna notes her belly rolls, stretch marks, and cellulite, but as her post notes — that doesn’t mean she should be “mad” at her body.

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