Avoiding Awkward Situations First Rate First Dates Eliza Hurwitz

I really don’t like first dates. They are always so awkward and uncomfortable. I hate talking about myself and I always draw a blank when it comes to conversation topics. For me, first dates usually consist of awkward silences, uncomfortable moments, and feelings of exasperation and disappointment, but not anymore. Here are some ways I’ve learned to avoid these typical first date occurrences.

Make a Statement:

Although you may want to look casual and cool on your first date, I recommend incorporating a statement piece into your outfit. That way you’ll not only stand out but you’ll also have a conversation starter under your belt. Some statement piece ideas include a big necklace, a crazy hat, a purse you made out of tissues, two different color shoes, two different shoes altogether one a high heel and the other a boot. Better yet, incorporate all of these pieces in your outfit. Believe me, your date will be thrilled to see that the person stumbling towards him or her with all the accessories is their date.

Make Small Talk:

If you wear a statement piece, you’ve got one conversation down already, but you should also be prepared with small talk topics. You can write stuff on your hands and or arms to which you can refer. If your date asks about the words all over your arms and hands is just say it’s henna. Everyone loves a good henna. If they ask what it means say it’s in a different language and it can’t be translated in a way that would do it justice. If for some reason they can make out the sentence, “Remember to tell that hilarious story about your cat and his best friend that’s a squirrel. Also remember to talk about something that makes you appear put-together and normal.”  You can tell your date it’s a complete coincidence that the henna symbols make out those words in English, but when translated means something completely different. Also, tell your date to stop looking at your arms because you believe arm glances should be reserved for your second date. By smoothly mentioning a second date you’ll keep your date intrigued while letting them know you’re interested.

Make Yourself Confident:

Before heading out on your date give yourself a pep talk. Look in the mirror. Notice all your statement pieces and your henna arms and hands. You are ready to wow this date. Also keep in mind that the other person is probably just as nervous as you are. And look on the bright side; if it is a completely terrible first date, at least you have a good story to tell on your next date.

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  1. I have not been on a date before. Now that I have read your post I will be confident and ready to wow those men… Especially if I make a purse out of tissues. At least if the night ends poorly I can have something to cry on! This was a fun post :)

  2. These are jokes right? haha
    If not you would definitely be a memorable first date but I am not so sure what I would think of you.

  3. This was a very fun post.

  4. Solid advice.