Firefly: How Joss Whedon Broke Our Hearts in Less Than One Season

From Firefly, we learned that, whether you feel like a hero or not, someone looks up to you. Maybe you don’t know why or maybe you don’t think that you deserve the praise. Be the best version of yourself and let those people take what they need from your example.

Firefly taught us that we all make errors. A person can be presented with an option and not care much for what the consequences are out of desperation or urgency. But when they learn the details of a situation, they can make a choice and turn back. It is never too late to try; the best people always do.

Joss Whedon showed us that love isn’t perfect; sometimes there are speed-bumps and cracks in the pavement… but that doesn’t mean it’s broken.

Most importantly, Serenity herself taught us that sometimes, when the world is chaotic and the smog is blurring our vision, all we need is to be alone for a few moments with the stars.

So, fellow Browncoats (and soon-to-be crew members), fret not. There may not be a 15th Anniversary special in the works and with Whedon’s penchant for killing off our favorite characters, the crew of Serenity may never again see the light of day, but that will never get in the way of what Firefly really stands for: loyalty, kindness and love always has a fighting chance no matter where you are in the whole wide ‘Verse.

(…And as for you, Fox Broadcasting executives? Curse your sudden but inevitable betrayal.)

Featured image via Fox Broadcasting Co.

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