Finding the Perfect Bra Without Some Strange Lady Touching Your Boobs

As long as I’ve been wearing bras, I’ve been wearing the wrong size. It’s a super common problem and Lifetime recently launched a whole reality series about two delightful Southern women who have made it their sole mission in life to get women in properly fitted undergarments.

The main reason I’ve been walking around in what I know to be slightly ill-fitted bras is that I’m easily embarrassed and lazy. I know that the ladies in the Nordstrom lingerie department would fit me, but that requires mall parking and a strange woman running measuring tape across my chest. I hate both of those ideas in a real way. Like to the extent that I would rather walk around with my boobs not looking their best.

Then True&Co reached out to us at HelloGiggles and asked if we wanted to test out their service: “No measuring tape” personal online bra fitting. They replace the uncomfortable fitting room experience with an online two-minute fit quiz and risk-free home try-on program. The “True Promise” listed on their website reads: “We’ll help you find your perfect bra or we promise to make it right.”

Obviously this company was invented for me.

The system works like this: You fill out an online form, get five bras in the mail, try them on, then keep the ones you like and send back the ones you don’t with specifics about why they weren’t for you. You are only charged for the pieces you keep and return shipping is free.

I signed up for my free trial—it was a quick online form that asked for my size (34 A, y’all—representing all you small titty bitches out there), style preference (padded always) and general stuff like that. Three days later, the box was at my door.

I was generally pleased with the options they picked for me. One style in particular, the “Naked Glamour”  (I’m so embarrassed to share that name with you, BTW), was basically the bra of my dreams. It’s minimal and sexy with enough coverage to keep me from feeling like a wayward skank.

True&Co is absolutely worth trying out for any gal who needs to change up her bra game. I was sold on their selection of the “Naked Glamour” (SMDH) for me alone. I’ll pay full price one hundred times over for that ahhhh-MAY-zing bra with the embarrassing name.

Other cool stuff:

-Just in time for Valentine’s Day, True&Co is sharing some helpful V-Day tips. Check ’em out here.

-Bonus! For a limited time, you can get a brand new pair of panties with your purchase. Just use promo code HelloGiggles at check-out! (valid through Feb. 5, 2013)

-And don’t forget to enter for a chance to win your very own bra box! Enter below:

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  • Caroline Jeffery

    itty bitty titty club! … and now i’m embarrassed with you….

  • Amy Schramm

    This would be great if it went up to my bra size, but it does not….

  • Michelle Ragan Rodriguez

    What a great idea! Too bad they only cater to small women.

  • Breanna Fayfer Baumgartner

    I was so excited to try this until I read the comments that it isn’t for all sizes. :( Boo! Also, the bra in the picture is just scary! Who would do that to themselves?? Ouch!

  • Kaila Marie Lauridsen-Moore

    They don’t only cater to ‘small women’ or the ‘itty bitty committee’ I am a 34-36DD and am doing well. I don’t think that is small!

  • Lindsey McGuigan

    They carry 32-40 A-F. I’m not sure what “itty bitty” sizes you say they only cater to….

  • Carly Vinkavich

    They have all sizes guys. The author (Molly) uses a small size, that doesn’t mean they don’t have bigger sizes…

  • Priscilla Torrance

    Kind of expensive… but I signed up. I really need some new and comfy high qaulity long lasting bras… we shall see. And no worries, Mollie, i’m not big breasted either. lol.

  • Eve Lazarowicz-Ghigliotti

    I been struggeling for years on the perfect bra for my needs. & finally i got measures & found out i was wearing a size too small. both up & size.. I am not the biggest breasted type eaither so i am glad I finally found the bra that fits me & I dont feel out of place anymore. for me padding is key LOL..

  • Lea Vollmer

    Unfortunately, the quiz won’t let you pick anything bigger than a size 38. I’m a 40-42, so no bra for me!

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