Filmmaker Leena Pendharkar Talks Bella Thorne, Female Comedy and Making Your Dreams Come True

HG: How in the world did you come up with So Natural and why do you think it’s hits so hilariously close to home for women?

LP: It came from a collection of flash fiction stories that I had been writing for a long time. It’s the inner me that’s kind of (kind of!) cynical.  I was writing them just for fun, but I was looking to do something for YouTube, and thought this would be great. I started out by shooting only two of the films, and I honestly didn’t know how people would receive them. I was also a tad nervous about “putting myself out there” in that way.  But I really wanted to allow myself the freedom and creative expression to do that. I think the younger me would have been a little squeamish about it, but the cast, Sofiya Alexandra, Emily Button, Heather Horton and Heather Marion have really inspired me to “go there” if you will.

HG: What it like working with an all-female cast?

LP: It’s so much fun! Wacky and crazy but there’s great synergy, and I’m always inspired by performers. It’s not easy to be “out there” like that, especially on the Internet!

HG: What’s the next project you hope to tackle, or do you hope to make So Natural go viral (as it should)?

LP: I definitely would like to grow the So Natural series and channel, to include other short films, and other series. I’d like to make programming for women that is edgy, fun and unique. I’d also like to integrate the channel with fashion and brands that are interesting.

HG: Lastly, any advice for girls interested in pursuing a career like yours? If there’s one thing you wish you’d known in your early 20s, what is it?

LP: Trust your instincts, listen to your inner voice.  I used to spend so much time and energy getting other people’s opinions, asking what everyone thought, and in that, I somehow lost myself. With So Natural, I decided that I wouldn’t get feedback from anyone, that I would just “put it out there”, and it has been truly liberating. If you have a goal, a dream or a wish, just go for it, don’t wait!!!

You can order the Raspberry Magic DVD here and check out So Natural on YouTube.

(Image via Raspberry Magic).

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