‘Figure It Out' Is Returning to Nickelodeon

Holy nostalgia, kids and 20-somethings who still wish they were kids: Deadline reports that Nickelodeon is bringing its ‘90s game show Figure It Out back with 40 new episodes this summer.

If you don’t recall, Figure It Out is the show where celebrities have to guess the unusual talent or hobby of a kid by asking him or her only yes or no questions. Along the way, someone usually gets slimed because… well, it’s not a Nickelodeon game show unless somebody’s getting slimed.

In the episode I included a video of in this post, the celebrity panel consisted of Marc Weiner of Weinerville (yes that really was the name of a show on Nickelodeon), Amanda Bynes long before she started emulating Lindsay Lohan, the younger Pete of Pete and Pete, and Lori Beth Denberg, who, with all due respect to Kenan Thompson, was the MVP of All That.

Only time will tell whether Nickelodeon fixes the major flaw in the game: what is the celebrity panel’s incentive to actually guess the secret? All that happens is that the young kid who can’t stop swiveling in his chair doesn’t win the grand prize of going to space camp. And that’s just cruel because in the 90s, if you gave kids the option of winning a million dollars or going to space camp, most of them would choose space camp.

I no longer watch Nickelodeon, and while I could blame the channel’s lack of quality programming, it’s probably more likely due to the fact that I’m now twenty years older than the target demographic and that I don’t have cable. But if Nickelodeon were to revive some of their other, even better game shows from the past like Legends of the Hidden Temple, Family Double Dare, Guts, or Nick Arcade, I’d definitely be tempted to tune in again.