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I have a little problem. I constantly let myself fall in love with fictional characters. This is easy to do since imagination is almost always better than reality. After watching the Ruby Sparks trailer, I had an amazing (and completely delusional) idea to take the best qualities of the fictional characters I love and combine them into one super human. If this super human just so happens to come alive and fall in love with me, then so be it!

Spiderman/Peter Parker. Just to clarify, I DO mean Spiderman, not Andrew Garfield or Tobey Maguire (or those lovely people on Hollywood Blvd.). Spiderman is the ultimate superhero. While he has the power to save the day, he stays grounded in who he is. Also, traffic is really bad in LA and I wouldn’t mind getting from point A to B via spidey web.

Chuck Bartowski. I’m literally the worst at technology. I am that girl that believes a prince is stranded in North Korea and needs my personal accounting information in order to escape. This is where Chuck comes in. He can fix a computer in no time, and if said prince comes to attack me he can protect me.

Noah Calhoun. I wouldn’t consider myself a “romantic”, but if someone wrote me love letters and built me a house I wouldn’t complain. (Note: Creepy @ mentions on twitter are not love letters).

Jack Dawson. Every girl needs a little adventure in their life, and that’s exactly what Jack brings to the table. I would NEVER let Jack “let go”.

Jim Halpert. Jim never takes himself too seriously. He also has the ability to pull off some pretty amazing pranks on Dwight.

Now, if only the perfect combination of these guys could come to life. What fictional characters have you fallen in love with?

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  1. Chandler Bing, Ned from Pushing Daisies, Clark Kent (Dean Cain) Adventures of Lois and Clark, and Harvey from Sabrina the Teenage Witch.

  2. Elliot Stabler (law and order svu), mr.darcy/mark darcy, Remus Lupin from Harry Potter, Tom Hagen from “The Godfather” and Richard “Rick” Blaine from “Casablanca”

  3. Also, Tony Stark/Iron Man

  4. Is it totally screwed up that I’m in love with Dexter Morgan (Dexter)?

  5. Dan Humphrey. Lonely Boy? Not with me! ;)

  6. Pacey from Dawson’s Creek. Love me some Joshua Jackson.

  7. I’m glad a couple of you girls are on board the Jax Teller train with me, but really, no one else is enamored with Khal Drogo? No one? I want to be the Moon of his Life :)

  8. Great article, my friend and I had a deep convo about this as awe each picked 5 fictional guys we were in love with. Mine: Ron Weasley, Aladdin, Seth Cohen, Chandler Bing and Jack Dawson.

  9. NO ONE BEATS PACEY WITTER. Sweet, funny, and so so hot. Also Nathan Scott and Logan Echolls (Veronica Mars)!

  10. Schmidt (New Girl), Peeta Mellark (Hunger Games), Tuck (This Means War), Laurie (Little Women), Noah Calhoun (The Notebook)

  11. oh and let’s not forget Damon Salvatore from The Vampire Diaries! Because every girl loves a bad boy haha

  12. Hands down Mr. Darcy from Jane Austen’s “Pride and Prejudice” and Gilbert Blythe from Anne of Green Gables!! Now someone please explain why beautiful people like these can’t exist in reality???

  13. Spencer Reid definitely! Tom from 500 days of Summer, Thor, Noah from the Notebook, Rick from the Mummy, Heath Ledger in basically everything, Derek Morgan in Criminal Minds and Nick from New Girl.

  14. Gilbert Blythe – Anne of Green Gables miniseries
    Mr Knightly – Emma (Gwyneth Paltrow version)
    Sinbad – Sinbad (he’s a cartoon)
    Adam Pontipee – Seven Brides for Seven Brothers (or really any of his brothers.. ginnger gold!)

  15. It’s honestly quite sad they don’t exist in real life. *Insert horrid crying noises here* I say Tom from 500 days of Summer, Leo from The Vow, Peter Pan from… er, Peter Pan because we’re going to have a huge adventure together and lastly, Chuck Bass. Obviously.

  16. William Thatcher (A Knight’s Tale) all the way, baby!

  17. John Smith from Pocahontas, Ross from Friends, Tom from 500 Days of Summer, Nick from New Girl, the list goes on & on! But I strongly agree with Noah Calhoun & Jack Dawson; but then again what gal wouldn’t?

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  19. Definitely Desmond from Lost, Noah from The Notebook and Oliver Woods from the Harry Potter Series…

  20. Damon from Vampire Diaries and Jack from Lost

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