Champagne Problems

Feel Like Running Away?

Ladies and gentlenerds, I would like to talk about running away. You ready? Here we go. Pretty peanut teenagers face the reality of living under the roof of their overbearing parents on a daily basis. Some don’t mind it, others rebel. Either way, I’m here for you. Well, as ‘here for you’ as I can be, being over the interweb and all. And don’t think for a second that I haven’t been there. Young, vibrant and on the cusp of being a badass teenager wanting the freedom of world, only to be held back by the fact that you have parentals.  Oh yes, I’ve been there and boy o’ boy have I survived (quite miraculously, I might say).

Kudos to those that managed to make it past their teenage years with out running for the high hills. Kudos to those that tried to challenge the runaway method and found a sense of self on the journey. And most certainly, kudos to those that have had a not-so-happy upbringing that lead them to run away for the safety of themselves. My thoughts are with you all, and if I had enough money, I would buy you a ton of scratch off lottery tickets. Alas, all I have are my thoughts.  Now is not the time for squishy moments of sensitivity. Now is a time to celebrate. But why? Well, you are hitting a point in which you crave freedom. That, my dears, is fabulous. And even if you don’t see it this way, it surely is something to be proud of. I don’t care which context it is in, your young self is having a private convo with your adult self and it’s saying, “Hey, selves, let’s blow this hamburger hut. I’m ready to try this world thing on my own.” And I dig that. And I dig you.

I know I’m getting a bit sap-town on you, but I just want you to remember a few things when you take the large leap into a world of the unknown. Think first. A good portion of the time you are wanting to run, you are just needing a break from your reality. Communicate that to anyone that will listen. You’ll find that to help. If you don’t have that ability because your parentals are crazy town (and I meant that in a good way), find a parent amongst your hip friends and confide in them. If all else fails, move to Paris and become a hip barista. (Please don’t be mad at me for that weird comment.)

In all honesty, I am penning these precious words because I met someone that was having thoughts about running away and confided in me. I thought the story was similar to mine from when I was lost and confused about home life, and therefore I was able to give a rather clear and realistic approach to a successful runaway and/or a helpful tips on conversation with the parentals. Whether she took it, I’ll find out soon. All I know is, you pretty little peanuts aren’t alone and you will continue to see that as you get older. For now, it all seems heavy and too much of a burden to carry. But, soon it will all reveal itself to be some sort of ridiculous life lesson that makes you a better person in the end. You just have to be willing to fight, stay strong and remember you have a purpose. Okay, enough Oprah pep talks. See ya!