Meet Caroline Gerdes, our contributor of the week!

Caroline Gerdes is a native New Orleanian currently moving to Seattle by way of Pittsburgh.

In addition to writing for HelloGiggles, Caroline is also a National Geographic Explorer — which is totally a real job title — and has written stuff for multiple National Geographic blogs, Bustle, The Huffington Post and more. When she’s not moving cross-country with her dog and fiance, Caroline is a fair-weather food blogger, Netflix aficionado and crochet newbie. She’s always, however, a good eater, loud laugher and bad sleeper. You can follow her @CarolineCeleste.
Hometown: New Orleans, LA
Where I live now: Pittsburgh, Pa. But I’m moving to Seattle next month!
Fave book of ALL time:  “One Hundred Years of Solitude” by Gabriel Garcia Marquez, “Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close” by Jonathan Safran Foer and Tina Fey’s “Bossypants”
Person who inspires me the most: My grandmother. She survived World War II in Germany and believed in loyalty, romance, strength and dressing sassy. She was my best friend and I’ll always be inspired by her life. Artistically, I also admire Frida Kahlo and Audrey Hepburn.
What made me want to become a writer: Tina Fey. When I saw Tina Fey on “Weekend Update” and she had glasses that looked just like mine (OK I copied my sister’s glasses) and she was the HILARIOUS boss of all those men, I wanted to be her. I made the neighborhood kids act out SNL skits and made my own SNL type show at slumber parties. It was nerdy but creative. Though, I never want to see the video evidence of my cringe-worthy, blonde-wig clad Jessica Simpson impression circa 2001.
Music I listen to when I write: So, I thought down-tempo music when I wrote was my jam, like Tycho. But, one day, the Black Keys album “Brothers” came on when I was working and I never looked back.
Fave place to work: Neighborhood coffeehouses. As a freelancer who works from home, I’ve learned that I have to get out of the house to work. And, I’ve created an outside office atmosphere at different coffeeshops in every city I’ve lived in — which is a lot. Any suggestions for my future Seattle home away from home?
Writers I look up to: Have I mentioned Tina Fey yet? Just kidding. My big sister is also a writer, and she writes so beautifully, it’s stupid. I look at the facts and make them funny. She looks at reality and makes it beautiful and a little melancholy. It’s funny that she is actually the optimist and I am the pessimist. I also have a background with National Geographic, so I am inspired by adventurous women like Cynthia Gorney and Wild author Cheryl Strayed.
Favorite GIF ever: I have a soft-spot for pups that look like my dog Rasco

This is the best meme: This meme sums up becoming an adult. Fake it til you make it. 

My favorite story I wrote/made for HelloGiggles is…
I still look to this piece for inspiration: “21 quotes from funny women that will make your year”
But, I also really loved sharing this personal essay on Valentine’s Day: “To my grandmother, on Valentine’s Day”
The title of my memoir would be… “Roommates I’ve known and Loved,” and Chapter 11 would be titled, “The Mortician in the Attic” — true story, guys.
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