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Favorite Dress #1


I’d like to share with you some of my favorite dresses, starting with this one.

I don’t normally pose for photos, let alone share them with everyone, so it is a bit scary.

This Sretsis dress is a favourite. It’s super short, so I have to wear tights with it, otherwise I would feel a bit too exposed! It’s kinda 60’s and fun. I was lucky enough to be able to purchase the sample from the designers, a nice perk of being a stylist!  Black heels with black tights make your legs seem longer than they are, which is a good tip to remember.

photo: Louisa Bailey


  • Ruci Kafka

    I love that dress! It looks really dynamite with the tights and that’s the best part of short dresses anyway. I also love the photo-really pretty!

  • Emma Drummond

    Wow! I love the detailing on the dress, the print, the ruffles, everything. Also, you look pretty in the photo so no need to feel scared!

  • Anonymous

    This dress is outstanding (love the laying and depth) and you are super cute! No need to be bashful. 😉

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