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I really love that this Alice McCall dress is quite conservative at the front, but has an open back and sides. I would normally wear a strapless tube bra underneath this, otherwise it’s a bit risky to wear in public! I also would wear it with a tan, but it’s freezing over here, no sun! Not that I want to promote tanning, I know it’s bad. I just like a little bit more colour than this.

This is one of my favorite rings. I love to collect chunky rings, but they can get so heavy!

Photo: Katie Milwright



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  1. I just love Alice! I have an old fave dress from her Target line a few years back. It’s cut simarly to the dress above -I love the way it shows a little side boob. Much sensual than excessive cleavage

  2. I have been looking for a dress like this to make! I have never made any clothes yet but plan on doing so soon. This is beautiful–thanks for sharing

  3. Love the ring !!

  4. While the dress is beautiful, I love the ring picture, it’s an awesome ring and a beautiful picture.

  5. Beautiful dress! I wouldn’t be able to wear it without a bra and I think that would ruin the open back, but it is so lovely. P.s.: pale skin is as beautiful as tan skin.