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Favorite Dress #3

This is a Willow dress that I adore. Its simple but that makes it easier to pair with interesting shoes and accessories.  It’s winter here now but I’d normally wear it in summer, when my legs are not so pasty!

I’m a lazy dresser, which is why dresses are perfect. You just throw them on and get going. I barely own any skirts anymore – I can’t be bothered matching them with tops. This sounds terrible for a Stylist but I’m always so busy planning outfits for other people that I don’t really want to think about mine!

I love these shoes, it looks like the tips are dipped in snow. But I can only last an hour in them, they are so uncomfortable. I should have tested them out before buying them. But they are worth the pain, because they are so pretty.

Photo:Louisa Bailey

  • Dani Schwam

    You is great

  • Robyn Pennington

    I love the dress and the shoes! I have these amazing vintage-style pin up-esque shoe and while I did try them out in the store, I didn’t realize how uncomfortable they would be. They’re 4 1/2 inches high, which is like ridiculously tall for me. But they’re sooooooooooooo cute that I couldn’t resist and they were super cheap on sale, I had to have them

  • Randy Tolson


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