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Favorite Dress #2

This is another favorite dress of mine.  It’s the prefect dress to layer with tights and a long-sleeved top for cold weather. I think patent leather boots are probably not fashionable anymore, but I paid so much for them that I’m going to keep wearing them!

The dress is Zimmerman, from a few seasons ago now, but I never tire of wearing it.

I’m not really into costume jewelry even though its really pretty. So you will probably notice I’m wearing a lot of the same pieces. But I love them and I think it’s a good idea to invest in a few silver or gold pieces that you will enjoy wearing again and again. This charm bracelet was a hand me down from my grandma. I like the idea that everything gets passed down to future generations.

Photo: Louisa Bailey




  • molls

    You are so purdy! I love this dress!

  • Sarah H

    nice to have a fellow Aussie contributing to this site. 😀 I like the dress too.

  • Rebecca Lynn

    I love floral! I also love dresses that work in summer but are easy to convert for winter. Basically, I want this dress.

  • Brandy Happ

    you’re adorable!

  • Carly Schwartz

    That dress is perfect!

  • Nadia Barbaro

    aww thanks guys!

  • Nicola Haines

    Love the dress and YOU HAIR! Your hair is BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!! x

  • Loc Ornithoptera Alexandrae

    I love the dress. Your dress and you are beautiful. That little bracelet is enough. Don’t need to wear other accessories. The dress is enough as a centrepiece.

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