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Fashionable Foods

Why do certain foods become trendy? I’m not arguing the nutritional value of pomegranate or quinoa, but doesn’t it seem like every month there is a new “it” food? It’s like certain berries and grains have publicists. I think I grew up with pretty good nutrition, but I don’t remember my mother giving me acai-pomegranate juice or quinoa at dinner. The first I had heard of pomegranates was in sixth grade when we studied Greek Mythology. Persephone ate the forbidden fruit and as a result had to spend half the year in Hades. I always steered clear of it because I didn’t want that to happen to me, but somehow it found its way into my favorite chapstick. I have to admit, the juice is pretty tasty, but at $8 a bottle not a luxury I can steadily afford. A few years ago, who had ever heard of acai?

And just as an acai’d, can someone please tell me what shea butter is? I am supposed to buy bodywash and moisturizer with this component, but where does it come from? What is a shea? A few years ago, avocados were the big thing. Is it still cool to like them, or are they over? Recently hummus has come into its own. I am glad about this because I actually grew up with the spread and felt really cool when everyone else in America finally took notice. My mother is of Arabic descent, so it was something she grew up with too. I remember having to go to a special health food store to get it when I was younger. Now there is a whole case devoted to it at Stop & Shop. Is it possible that after years of food being around, scientists and nutritionists are just now discovering that some have magical powers or is it all just a crock of shea?

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