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Fangirl This: The New ‘Snow White And The Huntsman' Trailer

Hey gang! Welcome to the inaugural post of my new HelloGiggles column, Fangirl This. Each week, I’ll be bringing you the one pop culture thing you should totally waste your precious time obsessing over. I’m kicking things off with a serious dose of action and girl-power with the just-released extended Snow White and the Huntsman trailer. 

Know this: If there’s one thing I love, it’s a female lead in an action movie. And when that female lead is up against a female villain? Well, color me giddy. Thus you can probably imagine my reaction to the new Snow White and the Huntsman trailer that dropped Monday morning. (Stop what you’re doing and watch it now!) It involved a lot of nail-biting and victorious shouting. If you’ve been hiding away in a cabin in the woods without internet working on becoming the next Bon Iver, here’s what you’ve missed: SWATH is a darker telling of this classic fairy tale, in which the Evil Queen (played ferociously and viciously by Charlize Theron) hires The Huntsman (the ever-rugged Chris Hemsworth) to track down her competition, Snow White (the always bad-ass Kristen Stewart). But in this version, Snow White herself is a fighter, and she goes up against both the Huntsman and the Queen to score the crown as the fairest of them all. You guys, this Snow White knows how to handle a knife. Bring it on.

Drool over this: It’s clear right from the start of the trailer that the film is going to be glorious to look at. Massive fight scenes, supernatural woodland creatures, a mirror that melts off the wall and turns into a golden half-human, a queen who literally sucks the life out of people – it was so satisfying my eyes had multiple orgasms. But it’s not just the Queen who’s capable of serious world domination. As soon as Snow While slides into a drainage pipe with Derek Jeter-like skills, my girl power flag was waving. What’s better than two bad-ass ladies trying to take each other down with physical prowess and mind games to match? (The answer is nothing, of course. You all got an A+ on that quiz.)

The special effects are both eerie and beautiful, and very Lord of the Rings-esque. Also beautiful: Chris Hemsworth’s Carolina blue eyes. What I find especially thrilling are the massive fight scenes, which are already epic in just three minutes. Imagining two hours of these battles? Chills, I have you.

But I’m fangirling hardest over the fact that finally there is a female heroine fighting for herself, leading an army into battle and doing so while wearing clothes that properly cover her body. It’s both refreshing and revolutionary to see an action movie focus on a woman’s strength over her sex appeal, and that, my friends, is by far the most bad-ass thing about the SWATH trailer.

What are you fangirling over this week? Educate me in the comments below or on twitter – @katespencer!

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