It’s leap day! The day that only comes once every four years! What does that mean for you? Well, nothing really, except that winter is one day longer than usual. Whose brilliant idea was it to make leap day in February? Why not give the summer an extra day? (I know there’s a logical answer, just let me live in my delusions!)

For some people, it means that they actually get to celebrate their birthday on the actual day of their birth. February 29th babies definitely get the short end of the deal as far as birthdays go. In fact, they’re probably the only birthdays that are worse than holiday birthdays, since they only get to celebrate them once every four years. The weird thing about leap year babies is also that if you technically count a year of life as spanning from the exact day of your birth to the next time that day falls on a calendar (this phrase made so much more sense in my head, bear with me), then technically leap year babies only age one year every four calendar years. So, for example, if I was born on a leap day, I (I’m 23) would only be turning 6 this year. That’s coincidentally also the amount of presidential elections that I’ve lived through (well, as of the one coming up this fall.)

Are you a February 29th baby? Don’t feel bad about only being 1/4th of your actual age! Plenty of people are in the same boat as you! That’s why for today’s gallery, I put together a list of famous people who share your predicament. Today is literally your day. Enjoy it, because it won’t happen again for another 4 years!

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  • Ashley Elizabeth Otto

    I was born on leap day and I love it! On years when I don’t have my birthday, I celebrate it two days. My friends (and schools, social networks, etc) think it’s the 28th, but my family celebrates it on March 1st. Then on Leap Years, I get an extra special celebration.

    It’s never been much of an issue for me, I like it. Plus, I always had a go-to fun fact about myself on the first days of classes when we had to go around and introduce ourselves.

    Anyway, I’m celebrating my sixth birthday this year. Yay! How many 6-year olds have college degrees? :)

  • Geanna MarĂ­n

    I’m not a leap baby, but I’m a head of scouts and we have one of the kids who is a leap baby… So cool that today he came running to me and shouting: “IT’S MY BIRTHDAY. YAY. FINALLY IT IS MY BIRTHDAY!” so cute.

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